The Trajectory Of OSI Food Solutions

The food industry is huge, demanding and very popular. There are a lot of components that must fall into place to become a successful food provider. This is where OSI Food Solutions come into the picture. This Illinois-based food provider is one of the biggest private companies in the United States.

OSI Food Solutions has re-shuffled the deck in its very own favor, and it has changed the game. Unlike other food providers, this particular food provider can handle every aspect of the business. This includes handling distribution, management, sourcing and development. In the past year alone, OSI has been able to partner with another food provider to create a world-class food solutions group. In addition to that, OSI won the Environmental Recognition Award from the North American Meat Institute.

Advanced technologies have helped OSI reach its current position. At OSI’s Spain location, its meat processing plant has more than doubled its production thanks to the use of high-capacity production lines. When it comes to chicken processing, OSI Food Solutions has gone from processing 12,000 tons of chicken to processing 24,000 tons of chicken. Of course, all of this success has come from a huge demand for chicken. This facility has more than 22,000 square-feet of space to work its magic. This space includes a facility supplies storage, shipping/receiving areas, a new production hall and a social area for the employees.

Where are some of the company’s physical locations? Well, OSI Food Solutions has state-of-the-art facilities in the countries of Spain, China, India, Japan, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. In total, this food juggernaut has advanced facilities in 17 countries.

OSI Food Solutions has also used acquisitions to its advantage. By participating in these business endeavors, the company has been able to expand into foreign markets. The future of this food provider looks very promising because its setting much better trends than any of its competitors.


Dan Bethelmy-Rada Has Created A Solution For Sustainable Natural Hair Care

Maybe you’ve noticed that more people are looking for all-natural products, or maybe you have even become one of these people. While there are still several products, especially in the hair care and beauty industry, that contain often harsh chemicals, certain companies have been working to create all-natural products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team at Matrix/Biolage have created R.A.W. as a new authentic, all-natural and sustainable option for hair care.

R.A.W. is a new hair care line from Biolage that focuses on fair-trade, natural ingredients, and sustainability. Such a combination is not often found in name-brand hair care products. In addition to ensuring the highest quality products, R.A.W. also finds education of sustainability important. For example, they have taught stylists in salons across the US how to reduce water and power usage. In addition to teaching people in person, R.A.W. utilizes their online presence through Instagram and Youtube to promote sustainability.

Dan Bethemyl-Rada has ensured that R.A.W. includes their sustainability and all-natural brand in their formulations, production, and packaging. This included investments in a series of tests for their products to ensure the highest quality. Dan became the youngest general manager for L’Oreal and is therefore more than equipped currently as the President of Matrix/Biolage to create amazing products including the R.A.W. line.

The formulation of R.A.W. products is primarily a short list of all-natural and effective ingredients. These ingredients are often from plants and minerals, or even from honey and fungi. Importantly, they avoid sulfates, parabens, and silicones in the formula due to their reputation of being harsher than necessary. In addition, they have ensured that all of their sourcing is fair-trade and completely traceable. Furthermore, their packaging is made out of completely recycled material and most of the products are over 98% biodegradable. These high standards will provide a great option for those looking to reduce their plastic waste and use more natural products.

While R.A.W. has had a majority of positive reviews in the US, they are soon planning to launch in the UK. This will begin the global production of R.A.W. from Matrix/Biolage to see if people around the world are ready to live a more raw, natural, lifestyle.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Have you seen the news from Washington? Betsy DeVos has had a pretty successful year. She has been working with schools around the nation, and she has seen significant progress with educational choice in key states, like Florida and Louisiana. While her programs are still in their infancy, many have wondered how she will also take on regulating gun violence and school safety. She has been appointed by President Trump to lead the school safety reform movement, in addition to educational reform as well.


DeVos sat down with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes,” to talk about some of these issues. While many have opposed Betsy DeVos being the US Education Secretary, it’s clear to see that she belongs in the office. She has a keen understanding of politics, education reform, and student needs, which is what has been guiding her through the first two years of her term.


DeVos was appointed in 2016 by President Trump to the 11th US Secretary of Education office. Her duties were to bring about reforms and fix issues like students being out of school, school safety problems, test scores, and Common Core. While Trump and DeVos are not a fan of Common Core, it’s been difficult to get around the fact that test scores have finally seen improvements, increasing as much as 20 percent in the last 10 years. DeVos says that it is not enough to increase test scores, as the US is still down overall in reading comprehension, and it’s much worse than what statistics can account for.


Today’s schools are using new technology to teach students, but it’s not keeping up with the rest of the world. DeVos has cited that philanthropy has been the driving force behind changing education in America. With donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton, DeVos has been able to fund a variety of campaigns for education reform across all states. Currently, Florida and Louisiana are the two most popular, with Florida having the best program for students who want to go to private schools.


Florida offers the most programs, from homeschooling to virtual schools to private schools, you can find every kind of schooling option in the Sunshine State. In addition, Florida is the only state with a tuition-based scholarship program. As DeVos works towards filling in the gaps in the next two years, she will be going against state lawmakers who don’t agree with educational choice.


DeVos says it is the best way to get students interested in going and staying in school.


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“How Did Marc Beer Help Renovia Inc. Improve Its Image? “

Marc Beer graduated from Miami University with a degree in Science. With 25 years of experience in diagnostics, biotechnology, devices, and pharmaceuticals he co-founded Renovia Inc. Renovia is one of the long-string success of Marc Beer who has created a track record which touches most of the essential convergences of medicine and technology. He is considered an optimal leader for Renovia due to the success of the organization.


Most recently, Marc Beer and his team raised $42-million that will be used by Renovia to support clinical trials corporate development, future commercial launches, and product development pipeline. The funds will go into developing therapeutic devices and diagnostic for treating pelvic disorders among women. The company will test and produce four more products for treating pelvic disorders. The Leva pelvic digital health system is one of the launches of Renovia. Since the development of the system, there has not been any changes or upgrades to it.


The current generation Leva allows a flexible probe to be placed in the Vagina which stays there during exercises. It is then connected to a transmitter which uses Bluetooth technology while sending data to the Leva smartphone app. The system has sensors that allow users to track the position of the pelvic floor muscles including their movement created during exercises. Pelvic floor muscles resemble muscles found in the body meaning that they can be strengthened and worked out over time. Learn more:



The exercises need to follow the correct steps to make the process work. For women suffering from pelvic floor disorders, this is easier said than done. It is beneficial when women are seeing what is taking place on the screen. In addition, the device stores information concerning the previous training sessions which can be used by users to track progress and at the same time ensure that the exercises are performed regularly.


Marc Beer and his team believe that in future there will be breakthroughs in the healthcare system and there will be no need of putting systemic med into the body of women suffering from pelvic floor disorder. They will also stop using sensors to monitor activities, but they will use the sensors in unique ways. Marc Beer believes that the company is a leader when it comes to women’s healthcare and this is because they have already made a breakthrough regarding the peripheral vascular disease, pain management, and cardiac disorders.


The advice that Marc Beer often gives to potential entrepreneurs is that they should focus their attention on innovation and staying focused on great value to succeed in their ventures. He urges them not to think of taking any shortcuts.



Deirdre Baggot Focuses On Her Clients In Healthcare

The healthcare industry is going through some big changes in recent years and there are many people behind it trying to find better methods to make things better for practitioners and their patients. One of these people is Deirdre Baggot who is working to reform how payments are handled when it comes to healthcare. She has had decades of experience in many different parts of healthcare and has proven herself to be able to take on leadership roles.

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When she first entered the world of healthcare, she had absolutely no plans to get into consulting. Fortunately, she was encouraged by her CEO at the time to give it a try because he had faith in her abilities. This proved to be an excellent decision and she found herself with several clients and was able to make a profit in just a few months. It’s important to have a good strategy when it comes to consulting and to truly understand the problem that the client is trying to solve. This can be challenging sometimes in a shrinking market, but she still finds it fun and enjoyable even today.

After President Trump took office, Deirdre Baggot and others in the industry were concerned about what the future would hold when it came to value healthcare. Healthcare can be impacted greatly by changes in the political climate and it’s important to be prepared. While nobody wants failure, Deirdre Baggot believes that it is sometimes important and can be a gift. She knows that things sometimes don’t always go as you had hoped and planned and you just have to be ready to make the changes that are needed. She advises anyone who is wanting to get into healthcare to be prepared to work hard. The hardest working person in a department can end up being led to some great opportunities.



Nick Vertucci: Life and Accomplishments

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV. He was born in a very poor background and it even became hard for him and his family after his father died when he was at a very young age and everything became a struggle in his life. He began a business where he started by selling computer accessories at the age of 18 years. The business failed soon after the investment bubble that took place in 2000. He was then forced to look for an alternative where he enrolled in a real estate academy which led him to venture into the real estate sector.

He, later on, decided to open Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy[ NVREA] which is a real estate business that had been named after him. His business was majored on buying OD single-family rentals, renovating them and later on selling them. The business grew and made better sales in the market by advertising it through his radio station, The Real Estate Investing Hours. This created a good image for him in the market to his investors.

His real estate business became a success due to his determination, passion, positivity, skills, knowledge and hard work and also creating a conducive environment for his staff and clients to understand each other and co-operate to do business comfortably.

Nick Vertucci challenges young entrepreneurs to be flexible and embrace change for nothing lasts forever. Comparing his earlier business of selling computer accessories and real estate business, he also advises the young entrepreneurs to be patient for they will experience ups and downs of business. They should learn the concept of spending less, saving less and investing more financially. He also motivates them by encouraging reading his book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’. A day in the life of Nick Vertucci is scheduled at the start of the week to make his week more productive. He says he sees each day newly, believes in it, and plans it before executing it.

Vijay Eswaran Talks about his Inspirational Business Life

The businessman has worked in industries such as hospitality and education for decades. One of the ventures that have earned him global recognition is QNET. He believes that e-commerce has a huge potential to grow a business. In 2000, it was ranked among the top three distribution firms in the world.

Vijay Eswaran has always encouraged other businesspeople to seek to learn from their environments as this will help them to manage and grow their enterprises. Vijay’s gets motivation from his customers. According to him, listening to them has enabled him to develop products that meet their changing needs and preferences.

One of his happiest moments is when a customer tells him about how the services of his company have changed their lives. Vijay Eswaran acknowledges that he has faced many challenges when growing his businesses and other entrepreneurs may experience the same. Initially, his plans were not working out well and he could not get the help he needed from family members or finance institutions.

Many people did not believe that he could achieve what he has now. Since his tender age, he has always been passionate about being his own boss. After struggling for years, he met some partners that have been helpful in his business life over the years.

Vijay Eswaran believes that a businessperson can only grow if they learn to embrace challenges and seek appropriate solutions. One of his role models is his father who taught him that customer service should be the priority of any business. He has always strived to teach the other members of the organization about the concept. He constantly reminds the employees of where the company has come from and its vision.

According to him, a business is like a sports team where all the stakeholders must work towards a common goal. Through his company, a university was set up in Malaysia where many students have acquired valuable skills to help them grow in their career.

Jeremy Goldstein raises money for the Fountain House through wine dinners

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein was able to raise over $56,000 dollars to an organization that helps people with mental illness called Fountain House. The individual is a part of the board for the organization and was able to raise the money from two dinners. Fountain House knows that mental illness is a very serious matter and helps people with it by securing them employment to secure their future and through the two wine dinners were able to raise the huge sum towards the organization. Jeremy Goldstein was educated at the New York University School of Law with another degree from the University of Chicago and Cornell University. The lawyer has an extensive background and has been a part of huge cases, along with being a part of the Fountain House. The organization has been around for a long time and strives to bring people who have mental illness together and empower them to live their lives through programs and support. They have been successful in getting people with mental illness jobs at a time where many were not working. During the time the organization has expanded with its continued success. The Fountain House was founded in 1948 in New York City to help people with mental illness as over a thousand have been helped through the services provided by the organization. It offers a lot to people with employment, housing, fun events, and more. Members of the organization do a lot of things like attending school and graduating, networking, and having better health. Learn more:


As stated above, Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer with an extensive educational background with degrees from multiple accredited universities. He focuses on matters relating to compensation and situations between businesses too. Goldstein was able to found his own law firm as he worked for a law firm in New York prior. The attorney has been involved in some huge cases between other companies merging like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, AT & T, and much more.


Jeremy Goldstein is on the committee for the American Bar Association and speaks and writes on matters of corporate governance and compensation issues. The lawyer in his free time is a part of multiple organizations such as the Fountain House and was listed as a leading executive compensation lawyer according to Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.


OSI Industries Shapes the Global Food Industry

The food processing industry has a vital role to play when it comes to improving food security in the country. Food production and agriculture have defined major dimensions that contribute to the availability and accessibility of food in the community. The food industry is therefore global with many challenges that encompass diverse collective businesses that supply consumers with quality food. Only subsistence farmers who thrive on the food products they grow can be considered to participate in the modern industry of food production. For OSI Industries, high-quality food production has been the hallmark of its success.

The growth and development of OSI Industries are remarkable in the food production industry. The company has successfully secured strategic position in the world for more than three decades. Established by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI Industries was a small butcher shop that supplied meat to the locals of Chicago when Otto had just relocated from Chicago. Since the surrounding clients liked the products, the business grew substantially.

The business was registering tremendous growth. He sought the assistance of his sons, Arthur and Harry. Since they formed a team, the company was now known as Otto & Sons. The firm also became prominent for serving the community and its surroundings not only with high-quality meat but at affordable prices too. In a few years, Ray Kroc established the first McDonald’s restaurant. He hired Otto & Sons to supply the hotel with meat and snacks. The partnership, therefore, introduced Otto & Sons to provide large quantities of food to the society as well. Although Ray Kroc first opened one restaurant, he later expanded it into more branches that contributed to the expansion of OSI Industries. The more the demand for meat, the larger the company grew.

OSI Industries has since become one of the most admired food producers and suppliers. The company has transitioned over the years into a corporation that partners with like-minded food manufacturers. Although the firm encounters a few challenges in the industry, the leaders have put in measures to help it to overcome these issues and become a better food provider for the community.

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“Businessman Marc Beer Raises Mammoth Sum for Women’s Health “

For most who undertake them, fundraisers are often a tricky venture. Simply raising awareness of one’s cause can be exhaustive, physically and monetarily. Massive amounts of business, and make no mistake, fundraising is a business, are done on the internet these days. Without creativity, excellent timing, and a dash of luck, even the noblest of intentions can fail miserably.


Fortunately for women in the city of Boston, Marc Beer refused to take “no” for an answer.


For over a quarter of a century, Marc has excelled as an executive working at numerous companies; most were involved in biotechnological or pharmaceutical endeavors.


The fundraising he’s conducted is no different. One of his latest initiatives, Marc has involved himself in a fundraising project for a startup company (Renovia, Inc.) focused on increasing the awareness of, and potential to provide treatment for cases of a plethora of disorder of the pelvic region most commonly associated with women. The total amount of funds he’s helped accumulate is approximately 42 million dollars. Many researchers conclude that typical startup costs can range from $3,000 to over $100,000. With Marc’s typically zeal for high performance, it’s clear that he’s more than exceeded the average threshold. This will allow him to further refine the technology being applied in order to diagnose and treat illnesses affecting the pelvic floor region. As per the Cleveland Clinic, the pelvic floor is a region of the body in which are contained the organs necessary to facilitate a proper bowel movement. Dysfunction in this region is often characterized by inability to regulate the majority of the tightening and relaxing conducted by muscle fibers. Learn more:



Marc Beer’s credibility is untouchable after dozens of years in executive positions in businesses whose fields pertain directly and indirectly to the maintenance and improvement of technology designed to improve the quality of life. This drive is combined with the savvy to keep financial operations functional while pursuing groundbreaking processes which can and will serve generations for years to come. It is safe to say that this will not be the last milestone achieved by the ambitious and dedicated Mr. Beer.