Dr. Clay Seigall’s Substantial Role In The Biotechnology Industry

As the Founder and Chief Executive of Seattle Genetics, Inc., Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is passionate about finding cures for diseases. His goal at Seattle Genetics is to find cures to diseases, particularly cancer, which haven’t seen any meaningful decrease in mortality rates over the years. He attended the University of Maryland, earning a B.S. in Zoology, and George Washington Univerity where he garnered his Ph.D. in Genetics.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Seigall worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb as a senior researcher. He founded his own company because he had two main problems working for a company. The first was that he lacked the autonomy and had problems with constraints that led to him not being as effective a researcher as he could be. Secondly, it got to him that some of his drugs made $80 million or more for the company and he didn’t get any of that profit outside of his regular paycheck. He decided to become his own boss so he could be more effective and earn more money from his ingenuity.

Dr. Clay Seigall has said that the old way of treating diseases such as cancer are coming to an end. Old treatments, such as non-targeted drugs and chemotherapy, aren’t nearly as effective as new methods and they are very harmful to the patient’s body. Drugs that he and others develop, such as his use of antibody-drug conjugates, directly attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. This way of treating disease will increasingly take over in the future.

In addition to his highly successful leadership at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is sought out as a biotechnology industry expert. He serves on the Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. which is a firm that specializes in microRNA therapeutics. In February 2014 he was also named to the board of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. This company focuses on finding cures for rare and ultra-rare diseases that affect people around the world. He is also on the Board of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. which creates genetically engineered therapeutic antibodies.


End Political Injustice by Promoting End Citizens United

Beginning as recent as March 2015, the End United Citizens, political organization has vigorously met the expectations of it’s grassroot founders through the surfacing of the End United Citizens’ philosophy and advocacy in the media. What is End United Citizens? It is a Political Action Committee passionate about reformation of the current political campaign financial system. The committee advocates for Democratic party members with goals of reformation that parallel the philosophy of the committee. End United Citizens opposes the Republican organization, United Citizens, and believes that Republican politicians often are swayed by rich political donors labelled Big Money. End United Citizens advocates for a removal of Big Money from the political system. This committee can be seen as a system of intervention which holds political candidates accountable for self- serving actions.

Although accepted with contempt, the election of Donald Trump has travailed a resurge of effort in the End United Citizens’ committee. Now that the wealthy are in charge End United Citizens is more zealous than ever to work towards change. This includes promotion of unison of “the people” as a whole. End United Citizens believes we need to be a democratic nation again promoting the well- being of all. The committee thinks it is our job as a nation to ensure “the people” are rightfully represented. The first step to changing the currently political state is acknowledging fallacy in our political system.

A USA Today article discusses the recent monetary success of an End United Citizens fundraiser, estimating the current sum at $4 million with an estimate of $35 million total for the 2018 midterm election for Congress. Some may consider this monetary success ironic due to a goal of the End United Citizens’ committee which focuses on the influence of Big Money in the political system. However, there are limits to the amount of money an individual can donate to the End United Citizens cause; the mass total one can give is $5,000. Although this may seem rather extreme, in terms of monetary value it is rather small in comparison to amounts the wealthy give to promote a party member. The average donation given to End United Citizens was $12, a humble sum. Overall, it appears End United Citizens has done well in terms of funding. Furthermore, it seems End United Citizens has potential for much future growth. Within a short existence End United Citizens have proven to be a promising political action committee.



http://endcitizensunited.org/in-the-news/video-grassroots-powered-resistance/ (News- VIdeo: A Grassroots- Powered Resistance)




White Shark Media is a Hub of Outstanding Digital Marketing Campaigns



White Shark Media is leading business entity that specializes in digital marketing. The company’s CEO is Gary Garth. White Shark Media was co-founded by three entrepreneurs namely Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk. This company is driven by the goal to serve the small and medium-sized market through provision of revolutionary marketing services.


What can businesses expect from White Shark Media?


White Shark Media targets small and upcoming businesses across North America. This company has undergone a significant growth since its establishment and has managed to retain all its clients. According to the company’s executives, White Shark Media’s success is due to its strategy of creating affordable and efficient marketing campaigns. These strategies have helped White Shark Media’s customers grow their respective businesses. This company has a diversified team of qualified and collaborative experts who concentrate on understanding and solving the challenges that businesses face. White Shark Media has over 150 employees knowledgeable in Display Advertising, AdWords Search, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics.


White Shark Media’s achievements


In 2012, White Shark Media went into business with Google to develop strategic solutions in advertising. A few months later, Microsoft also recognized this company’s service to the SMB group and immediately collaborated with it. Working with these two prominent companies allowed White Shark Media to acquire the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner and Bing™ Ads Authorized Reseller Program certification. This certification has since enhanced the company’s credibility, enabling it to acquire more clients.


White Shark Media’s reviews


White Shark Media has always focused on making trust a common denominator among all its clients. The firm enjoys high rating and excellent testimonials from both long-standing customers and new ones. According to Asbestos Company based in Michigan, White Shark Media offers digital marketing solutions that are efficient and affordable. A huge number of clients from Texas, Ohio, and California also expressed their gratitude and thanked this company for being an innovative service provider.




Yanni Hufnagel: A Career Poised for the Next Level

Yanni Hufnagel possesses a resume filled with diverse accomplishments and a myriad of experiences. In the world of coaching college basketball, however, his path was less than conventional.

Yanni Hufnagel was cut from his high school varsity basketball team-definitely not the story of most college coaches. This disappointment lead to Yanni’s first of many roles in the business of basketball as he took on the task of color-commentating games for a local cable TV station. During this time he immersed himself in the game by reading coaching books and simulating plays with basketball figurines.

Cornell University was the next stop for Yanni Hufnagel. A position as a basketball student manger was parlayed into an internship with the New Jersey Nets, where Hufnagel worked under Jeff Capel. When Capel got the head coaching job at Oklahoma University, Hufnagel applied for a graduate assistantship. In 2007, Hufnagel moved to Norman.

Harvard was the next stop for Yanni Hufnagel, where he honed his skills as a recruiter and coach for Tommy Amaker. On the court, Harvard put up four 20-win seasons and three Ivy League titles. The Crimson also benefited from his talents in player development with his assistance with future NBA star, Jeremy Linn. Hufnagel was rewarded by ending up on a CBS Sports list of nine “dream team” assistants.

After four seasons at Harvard, Hufnagel ascended into the major conference ranks. One season at Vanderbilt and two at UC-Berkeley solidified Yanni Hufnagel’s reputation as a top recruiter. The Commodores posted a 29th ranked recruiting class in 2014. The Golden Bears class of 2015 (ranked 4th by Rivals and 5th by ESPN) included two McDonalds All-Americans.

At the end of the 2016-17 season, Hufnagel accepted an assistant coaching position at the University of Nevada-Reno, where he will no doubt play a key role in recruiting for second-year coach, Eric Musselman.


Adam Milstein’s Heart of Gold

Adam Milstein recently made it to the list of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists in the World according to the UK-based publication, Richtopia. The ranking was done in coordination with Rise, a social media ranking system. This came as no surprise considering the dedication that Mr.Adam Milstein has put into philanthropic work.


Adam was born in the city of Haifa in Israel. His mother Eva was a homemaker while his father Milshtein was a real estate developer. Adam’s adult life began in 1971 when he joined the Israeli Defence Forces for his mandatory service. He then went on to Technion where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics. It was while he was in college that Adam joined his dad in real estate construction and development business.


He married his wife Gila Elgrably in 1974, and the family moved to the US in 1981. Two years later, Milstein received an MBA from the University of Southern California. From there he took on a sales agent role and began working in commercial real estate.


Together with his wife, Adam founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Their main aim is to strengthen the US-Israel relationship and empower the Jewish people. Their Philanthropic services include partnership development, consulting and fundraising to support programs that are based in the areas of Jewish education and continuity. Adam Milstein has three principals that are the basis of his philanthropic philosophy of operation; Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact, and Philanthropic Synergy.


Apart from his charitable work, Adam gives back to the Jewish community. He did this by firstly establishing the Israeli-American Council which works to strengthen the relationship between the US and Israel. He was at the forefront in expanding the council and ensuring that it has a role of influence in expanding foreign policy regarding Jewish relations in America. He is passionate about standing up for the oppressed people in the world and primarily the Jewish people. His wife’s personal experience as an immigrant gives him a deeper understanding of the lives and experiences of marginalized groups in the US.


Highland Capital

Highland Capital: Benefits Of Choosing Professional Investment Service


Starting your investing journey can be exciting but it is important to get expert help. Highland Capital has great expertise in this field and can provide the advice and knowledge you need to become a successful investor.


Some benefits of enlisting the services of professional financial advisors include having a well developed strategy, having a better understanding of your financial situation, simplifying your life and financial matters, and being better prepared for any emergencies that may occur.


There are several types of investment experts, including financial planners, brokers and investment advisers. Investment advisors provide advice about securities and will help you choose the right option for you.


Before you get involved in any type of investment be certain you evaluate your present financial situation. It is crucial that you take into consideration your current financial needs and also your future needs. Most people should not get involved in any high risk investments unless they are financially strong. There are several steps to investing and a knowledgeable and experienced professional should be able to provide the assistance or guidance you need.


At Highland Capital Management, trained professionals discuss with clients to find out about their financial situation and what their expectations are. These experts then develop the right strategy to help them meet their goals.


There are many opportunities to choose from and advisors can help you decide on the best ones for your situation. Whether you are planning to save more money, planning for retirement, or simply want to seek expert advice on financial issues, Highland Capital has a great team of qualified professionals and investment experts that can guide you.


Their investment approach is to ensure consistent, huge returns for their clients. They apply proven strategies of investing and follow time-tested principles. They focus on techniques and strategies that work perfectly to build a portfolio of assets for their clients.


Clients trust their professionals because their advisors provide expert advice and guidance backed by a vast range of top notch resources. The company has a great team that can help you make wise decisions.



Yanni Hufnagel: An Epitome of Sports Spirit

Yanni Hufnagel is a renowned coach of basketball in the U.S. He is currently working with Nevada Wolf Pack as an assistant coach, a job he took in 2016. He was born and grew up in Scarsdale, NY. He received his early education at Scarsdale High School and moved on to Pennsylvania State University and later to Cornell University where he completed a bachelor’s degree. He also did a master’s degree. He started his career in basketball coaching with becoming a graduate assistant coach for University of Oklahoma’s men basketball team. He is widely appreciated for his key role in developing Blake Griffin during his tenure as graduate assistant coach at the University of Oklahoma.

Yanni Hufnagel’s coaching career spans over a decade during which he served as assistant coach on basketball teams of different universities. Starting as a graduate assistant coach, he worked as assistant coach with Harvard, Vanderbilt, California and continues to work with Nevada. His career as an assistant coach with Harvard’s Crimson is marked by monumental success and achievements. During his tenure, Harvard managed to register a remarkable 20 wins each season and also won the Ivy League titles three times in a row. It was Yanni Hufnagel’s indefatigable hard work and game spirit that helped the Harvard team to be one of the teams in NCCA tournament in 2012.

Yanni Hufnagel has been equally successful as an assistant coach at California, Vanderbilt, California, and recently Nevada. For instance, at California, he was the key man behind the Golden Bears record-breaking performance and occupying the fourth position in the NCCA Tournament, which is unparalleled in the history of the program. Similarly, at Vanderbilt, his performance as its assistant coach was punctuated by great achievements and historical performances by the team. In short, he has been an exceptionally successful basketball coach.

Tammy Mazzocco Defines Real Estate Marketing

Tammy Mazzocco has succeeded in real estate selling by simply observing and doing. She started out by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm, and then as a support person over the next ten years for other companies. After a time, she saw that the real opportunity was in the selling side of the business and 1999 she went over to selling as her career. More details can be found on Spokeo.


She began in 1999 with the RE/MAX group in Pickerington, Ohio, just Southwest of Columbus. Pickerington is a small town of just 20,000, but the four surrounding counties hold a population of about 2 million which provides plenty of people with whom to do business.


Tammy is passionate about her business, and she particularly enjoys the feeling when families find the home of their dreams, largely through her efforts. She gets to her office early each morning and clears her desk of busy work so she can get started calling prospects to set to show homes.


People don’t buy houses they don’t walk inside of. They have to see it to buy it, spend some time in it and then make a decision. How will the furniture look in here? What about a pool in the backyard? These are all statements and questions that when Tammy hears them, she knows that she are on the way to a sale.


In a report by Ideamensch, Tammy uses a piece of software called “Follow Up Boss” to keep her organized and to know at what stage each of her prospects is located at any given point in time. Some may be at the beginning of the pipeline and others may be just at the spot before closing, but she needs to know at all times what she is dealing with.


Working with people is what selling real estate is all about. Tammy takes very seriously her clients’ time and investment that they are about to make into their new home. She also knows that people can feel very vulnerable when they are working outside of their normal element and about to make the biggest investment of their lives. If she can listen, she will and if she can answer a question she will.


Tammy gives credit where credit is due because much of what she knows and uses in her business she learned from other people. Tammy is very happy with her business as it is today and she intends to continue for a very long time.



See more: https://www.mapquest.com/us/ohio/business-new-albany/tammy-mazzocco-re-max-consultant-group-371229269


Technology Genius Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American computer software tycoon who is located in Los Angeles, California. He is also a successful published author as well. He has invested in charitable organizations. Eric Pulier is also an active investor in start ups, centered around technology and media.


Pulier got his start very early in life. He began programming computers at a very young age, fourth grade to be exact. He actually started a computer database business when he was in high school. In 1984, he attended Harvard University. He majored in English and American Literature, Computer Science. He also majored in Environmental & Visual Studies. He graduated with honors in 1988.

Eric Pulier moved to California, where he founded a company called People Doing Things (PDT). The company covered health care, education, and any other issues that would come up with the use of technology. Eric Pulier lead the effort to build Starlight World. Starlight World is a private social media network that offers a place for chronically ill children to chat, blog, post content, and meet others that share common experiences. Eric Pulier is a father of four. He is an active board member of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp for chronically ill children.


In 1997, The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected Eric Pulier to start and kick off the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, DC., called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” After the exhibition, he took part in then-Al Gore’s health care and technology forum and helped with technology initiatives. If that isn’t enough, Pulier founded many other ventures, like Desktone and a few others. Eric Pulier has devoted his time and energy to the world of technology.


Wessex Careers- UK

Individuals searching for career opportunities through educational and research institutions should consider the Wessex Institute of Technology. This post-graduate academic environment concentrates on bringing the brightest minds and most brilliant researchers together to create one of the most respected research environments in world academia.

Careers at the Wessex Institute range from curriculum coordinators, to specific technical field instructors. There are also incredible opportunities for people highly skilled in engineering and mechanical studies to organize the operations of the institute’s world class library. People who want to start a fulfilling career at the WIT should prepare a resume with their complete academic and work history, along with a sample writing of why they wish to be part of one of the world’s leading technical research bodies. A career at the WIT is a rare and exceptional opportunity for people possessing extraordinary skills in engineering and environmental studies.

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