Strengths of Talkspace

Strengths of Talkspace

Therapy is the leading way of assisting people with mental health problems. Therapy covers a lot of areas but it majorly concentrates on the way we live today. That is Talkspace was started in order to assist more people to deal with their mental issues through online. The company is headquartered in New York and the company was started in the year 2011. The size of the company ranges from fifty-one employees to two hundred employees. Talkspace specializes in various activities which include online therapy and counseling, unlimited messaging therapy, psychotherapy, self-care and also health and wellness. The company has highly skilled and experienced employees who are always determined to deliver their best services to their clients at all times.

The best thing about Talkspace is that their clients can always feel safe sharing their personal problems with the company’s licensed therapist without any doubt of having their confidentiality being compromised. The company also offers consultations and long-term treatment plans that can be done through the internet.

The relationship between Michael Phelps and Talkspace

Michael Phelps has a strong relationship with Talkspace Company since he has once been a victim of mental health assisted him in various ways to go through the situation. That is Michael and Talkspace recently opened their official campaign on the importance of therapy on national television. Michael has been able to contribute to the campaign by sharing his story about mental health and explaining how therapy assisted him to go through the process in great ways. The two partnered and launched their campaign in order to empower more people to start engaging in more therapy sessions since this is the best way of reducing the rampant mental health cases.

While sharing his story Michael Phelps pointed out that he had spent most of his career life being depressed through holding various things he never wanted to share. But he realized that by holding a lot of stressing issues to himself he was doing more harm to himself and that is why when he decided to open up and talk to someone about his issues, he became stronger and he stopped feeling vulnerable.

How Oren Frank Has Built Talkspace Into A Successful Venture

Talkspace is a privately held company that was formed in 2012. It was co-founded by Oren Frank and his wife, Roni. They provide an online way to connect people with a licensed therapist who can help them with problems they face in their lives. Talkspace has mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices as well as a website that can be used on desktops and laptops.

Oren Frank is the chief executive officer of Talkspace. He wants to start offering his services through employer and his recent hiring of a chief medical officer was a big step towards this goal. The person he hired for this role, Neil Leibowitz, had been UnitedHealth’s senior medical director before joining Talkspace. Oren Frank says that he is increasingly building out his company’s enterprise business and he is thinking of taking his company public through an initial public offering.

Talkspace offers two levels of service. The first one costs $49 and is for messaging a mental health professional. The other service costs $79 a week and by using it people can talk to a therapist over the internet. Oren Frank says that they have now reached the one million user milestone and his company has revenue in the tens of millions. He said that with the addition of Neil Leibowitz to his team the physicians who work for Talkspace will be able to start prescribing medicines to those who need them.

Oren Frank keeps people up to date with activities at Talkspace on his Twitter account as well as other news. He recently commented on an article about the regrets of the man who created the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee. He said that he wanted the web to serve humanity but what people are building on top of it he finds to be disturbing and against the purpose of what he built it for.

He also commented on a recent complaint by Vladimir Putin who claimed he is only paid $112,000 a year despite everyone knowing he earns far more than this through other means. Oren Frank said that Putin is pretty much full of it and found him rather disingenuous.

Nick Vertucci Tough Times

Nick Vertucci is renowned for his tremendous success in the real estate business. His journey has been full of ups and downs. His first Tech business fell in the climax of the 2000 dot-com crash. This business has initially attained incredible success such that he managed to become a multi-billionaire. This loss led him to a huge loss that almost swapped all that he had invested. He went back to struggling and hard life. After some time of struggle and hardship in life, he was introduced to the real estate investment but one of his friends who invited him for real estate training. It’s through this training that he met great figures and mentors in the real estate business who taught him a lot on how to go about real estate business for success.

Under the exclusive guidance of both mentors and business partners, Nick Vertucci managed to get a position as a seminar educator for the same real estate investment training program. By then, Vertucci had already developed his mindset formula. He implemented this particular formula in conjunction with a cash flow system that he had already devised. He used a blend of the processes and shared out about his success to his audience and students where he taught them on how they could earn millionaire success dreams. The failure led Vertucci to his second chance that turned out to be reliable and credible.

The second chance occurred after his business partners randomly abandoned him. They abandoned him under the claim that his contribution was indispensable. This was too much for him to bear and led him to embarrassment and depression. Nick Vertucci finally decided to bring this failure trend to an end and established his real estate academy by the name NVREA, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. This institution has earned him a great name and tremendous success in the real estate industry.

Jeunesse Global Uses APT-200 in Luminesce Line

Jeunesse Global is the brainchild of Wendy Lewis and her husband Randy Ray. In 2009, they thought they were done with business and simply wanted to retire. However, when Randy Ray started experiencing severe knee pain, he started researching his options. At the time, stem cell research was in its infancy. Yet, it created great results for Randy. When Wendy was lingering in the office waiting for Randy to complete his treatment, she saw that the same product was being used in a skincare serum. After discussing it with the physician, she recognized the huge potential. She saw the before and after results of many women who had seen huge improvements in the appearance of their skin after using a formula with stem cell growth factors.

After researching more, they recognized there was a huge hole in the market where products like this were in demand but simply weren’t being created. Randy and Wendy decided to create Jeunesse Global to fill the need. The company has since grown into one of the largest direct selling companies in the world and it is one of ten that has a billion dollars in sales each year. The company has many distributors who are like family to the couple. They sell the skincare in different countries all over the world, learning to create the life of their dreams by selling an intriguing product.

One of the best skincare lines the company offers is Luminesce. This complete skincare line comes with a cellular rejuvenation serum that uses the largest concentration of APT-200. APT -200 has more than 200 different growth factors created from stem cells found in the adipose of adult humans. This has been proven to be more effective, according to Dr. Nathan Newman who helped create the line. The line also includes a daily moisturizing complex that also contains the growth factors to help get a radiant glow that lasts all day. The daily moisturizer is also a sunscreen that protects against broad spectrum rays. The blend of vitamins and antioxidants in the line help the skin look smoother and firmer.


Meet Clayton Hutson- the Music Industry’s Top Business Person

Clayton Hutson is a successful name in the United States music industry. The expert has served many companies in the entertainment industry, and at present, he runs a leading concert management company.

How did he manage to develop from a theatre design graduate to his current position? The following overview of his professional career will help you understand.

Who is Clayton Hutson?

Hutson is a trained theater designer. After his studies, he worked as a project manager at several US-based live music companies. After some years, he decided to establish his music firm that organizes and manages concerts. In particular, Hutson enjoys rock music concerts.

His firm has managed to serve top rock music bands like Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses. Moreover, he has served Garbage, a band that performs multiple concerts in Europe. Moreover, the expert worked as a monitor engineer during the Honda Civic Tour, a three-month concert that took place in Asia and North America.

How and why did he start his concert management company?

Clayton Hutson decided to open and run his live entertainment production company after obtaining necessary skills from previous jobs. The technician says that his past jobs imparted him with the marketing and project management skills he required to run a successful company.

Hutson says that he established his first company when the recession took a toll on his former employer.

How does Clayton Hutson’s typical day look like?

According to an interview posted on, Mr. Hutson disclosed that his typical day is often busy and engaging. His typical day starts at around 6:30 AM. He moves to the concert’s venue hours before its start time.

At the venue, Mr. Hutson cooperates with his team of assistants to design the venue, lay the sound system, set the stage lighting, and he performs any other activity required to run the day’s concert as expected.

What makes Clayton Hutson a successful entrepreneur?

Hutson says that his hard work is the key strategy that has made him a successful entrepreneur in the music industry. Besides working hard, Mr. Hutson says that he uses the word of mouth marketing strategy to market his services to prospective customers.

Steve Ritchie’s Journey From Customer Service Rep to CEO of Papa John’s

Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza delivery brands in the world, with establishments in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Papa John’s holds the prestigious position of being the third largest pizza delivery restaurant chain in the U.S.

Papa John’s, in 2017, has announced the promotion of the newest Chief Executive Officer of the restaurant chain, Steve Ritchie. He was to effectively assume the position of CEO on January 1, 2018.

Steve Ritchie is a long-standing partner of Papa John’s (@PapaJohns), having started working for the company in 1996 as a customer service representative in the U.S. Steve, in 2006, decided to become a franchise owner and operator, very interested in having his own pizza delivery restaurant and already very familiar with the company’s business model.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has always been an advocate of the Papa John’s pizza brand. Since 2010, he continually worked with the franchise owners and started gaining more and more influence as one of the best franchise owners of the restaurant chain. It wouldn’t take too long for the entrepreneur to receive the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2014 and President of the corporation in 2015.

Steve Ritchie has overseen many of the foundations of new establishments and restaurants across the world. He has seen the expansion to Asia and to North Africa, and the quick spread of Papa John’s across the territory of the U.S. Steve was also a franchisee when the company received its place among the three most successful pizza delivery companies in the world, and, with Steve Ritchie as the CEO of the company, Papa John’s has started to climb towards the second place.

Steve Ritchie worked through all of the possible roles in the Papa John’s restaurant. He was first a customer service representative, then a delivery driver, store manager and soon was already a director of operations for the headquarters.

Steve Ritchie’s intense commitment to excellence and to the success of the brand awarded him with the prestigious position of CEO of Papa John’s. With this role, he will be able to expand the restaurant chain even further.

Learn about Steve’s future plan for the company:

Hussain Sajwani Speaks About Increasing his Company Presence in China

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent personality in the world of real estate. As the founder and chairman of one of the largest and luxurious real estate companies in UAE, the businessman has shown the global market that he can make money in the tough industry. The DAMAC owner has constructed and also managed several luxury projects in the past. Prominent people from all over the world seek his services whenever they are thinking about starting a new venture. Hussain recently told the world his plans for the future, now that his company, DAMAC Properties, has ventured into the international market.

In the recent years, Hussain Sajwani noted that the economic growth taking place in Asia was extraordinary. China is the country that attracted his attention the most. His company has been working in China for some years now, but with the recent growth, the businessman has decided to increase his presence so that he can earn more profits and change the future of the nation. The real estate expert feels that by increasing his activities in China, he will be benefiting, and he will also change the lives of the people living there. The middle class in China has grown significantly, and for the wise investors, this means a lot. There are many upcoming investors who are flocking China from all parts of the world, and they all need accommodation in luxury hotels. Hussain knows that his company will do its best to ensure that these visitors are living comfortably when they visit the country.

Hussain Sajwani also spoke about the features that have been making his company so powerful and successful since it was established. According to the real estate expert, diversity is what drives the company. DAMAC Properties boasts because of having different ideas, perspectives, and views. When planning any business activities, this diversity helps the company to land the best deals in the international market. At the moment, DAMAC has managed to employ over seventy-seven nationalities from all continents, and they all bring in their views so that the company can benefit. DAMAC Properties is now a role model to many small companies that want to make it in real estate.

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Michael Phelps And TalkSpace Work To Relieve The Stigmas Of Mental Health Disorders

There are many people who want to get mental help but are afraid to take the first steps. Going to an office and speaking to a stranger in a small, secluded room can be intimidating. This is where TalkSpace can help by offering an alternative method which allows their clients to speak to a therapist from the privacy of their own home through text messages, emails, or even video chats. No matter what time of day or night it is, you will be able to speak to a licensed therapist if you are having a mental health crisis.

For TalkSpace therapist Melissa Moreno, balancing her work and family life begins by waking up at around 5:45 in the morning. In order to provide the best care for her clients that rely on her each day, she takes time to take care of herself before starting her day. While it can be difficult sometimes, she finds her career with TalkSpace to be incredibly rewarding. She states that some of her favorite clients are the adolescents that she works with who still remain hopeful despite what they are going through. In addition to her work with TalkSpace, she also works in a traditional facility where she is able to help students.

The work that TalkSpace does has been beneficial to a wide variety of clients, including some you may not expect. One of these clients is Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps who had been quietly struggling with depression for years. After receiving a second DUI, he realized that he needed to get help but wasn’t sure where to start. The idea of receiving traditional treatment seemed daunting. This is when he discovered TalkSpace.

Michael Phelps was able to find help when he was experiencing intrusive, suicidal thoughts on his own time where he was comfortable by simply texting a licensed therapist. No matter how successful and happy someone may seem to be, depression and mental illness is something that doesn’t discriminate. Michael Phelps learned this first hand and wants to help relieve some of the deep stigmas that many with mental illness face.

James River Capital, Taking Leadership a Step Ahead

James River Capital has been a major player in investment advisory services. The efficient and experienced management team at the helm, coupled with a unique business philosophy, gives the company an edge above other companies offering similar services. James River believes in a diverse selection of alternative investments. The idea is to add value to its investment portfolio through value diversification. The portfolio comprises of fixed income assets, and traditional equity. Through a team of skilled management, James River has consistently generated high returns by utilizing their above average knowledge of the market. In addition, the company has adopted effective strategies to exploit any gaps in the pricing of commodities for optimum gains.

One key management expert behind the impressive performance of James River is Paul Saunders. He is the principal and co-founder of the company. He serves several other important roles in the management of the company. Besides the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of James River Capital Corp., he is the hedge fund and portfolio manager at James River Financial Corp.

Paul Saunders is one of the most experienced persons in the investment advisory services industry. He has been active in the industry since 1979 when he joined the Corporate Finance Department at Warburg Paribas Becker. He also served at A.G. Becker, Commodity Department, in the early 80s. Between 1983 to 1994, Paul worked at Kidder, Peabody & Company as the director of Commodity Funds and Managed Accounts. Later, he served as the president, KP Futures Management Corp. The company soon re-branded into James River in 1995. Paul studied at the University of Virginia and graduated with a B.A. He later enrolled at the University of Chicago, where he attained an M.B.A. Learn more:

James River Capital is also a reputed administration advisory services provider. One of the recent significant advice is based on a recent study by Google. According to James River, managers need to allow free expression of worker’s feelings and opinions in a workplace. When workers are let at liberty to express themselves, they become more innovative and involved in an organization’s activities and processes. Therefore, leaders should focus more on creating an environment where workers feel that their input is valuable and appreciated. All forms of victimization on workers, who express their opinion, whether positive or negative, ought to be eliminated. Google has come up with the idea of psychological safety, a situation where workers feel safe to speak out. Leaders in organizations should create psychological security by allowing workers to air their concerns, and feel appreciated. They also need to give everyone a chance to speak during staff briefings and meetings.

To ensure that every worker gets a chance to express themselves in a meeting, managers should first come up with a list of everyone who is expected to attend the meeting. The list will guide the officiating leader in distributing the chances. It is common that some people will dominate the meeting. The role of the manager will be to moderate the session by constantly engaging the less talkative ones. However, the leader should avoid appearing too pushy in the effort to ensure everyone speaks. Instead, he or she should focus more on making everyone feel considered and appreciated.



The Successful Partnership Between OSI Group And McDonald’s

OSI Group has a long and rich history, being established all the way back in the early 20th century, in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. The small Chicago-based venture started as a butcher shop and retail meat market, and after 109 years of operation is considered to be among the largest food providers on the planet.

What started as a small neighborhood business is currently a global enterprise, having a total of 65 facilities in 17 countries, and approximately 20,000 employees. The company continues to evolve even a century later, expanding and growing its business.

One pivotal moment in the history of OSI Group is the partnership made with McDonalds, which resulted in the OSI Group McDonalds agreement. In 1955. Ray Kroc opened the doors to the first McDonalds restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. He was working as a franchise agent for a couple in California, who in 1940 opened a family restaurant. The restaurant in Des Plaines was a step made towards the expansion of the brand. Kroc eventually bought the franchise from Richard and Maurice McDonald and was the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.

Before the original McDonald’s restaurant started its business, Kroc made an agreement with OSI Group to become the first supplier of fresh ground beef for the franchise. The OSI Group McDonalds agreement turned out to be beneficial for both parties. As McDonald’s gained in popularity, so did OSI Industries, supplying meat for a number of regional McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s became one of the most recognizable brands in the world, which meant that the OSI Group McDonalds link resulted in good business for OSI. The company was responsible for providing a consistent and affordable product which can be transported over long distances to the growing number of McDonald’s restaurants. The technological breakthrough that happened in the late 1960s made their work easier, with the introduction of cryogenic food processing. This tightened the relationship between the company and McDonald’s.

By 1973, the company built their first plant that was dedicated to McDonald’s product line. The state of the art facility was located in West Chicago, and included advanced technology necessary for flash freezing hamburger patties. Undoubtedly, the OSI Group McDonalds agreement made with Ray Kroc was a massive break for OSI and helped turn it into the global entity that it is today.