Investment Analysis with SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management located in The New York City. He is a graduate of Yale University having studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics. In 2009, he came up with the company in order to contribute to the world of economics. Mr. Adrangi is known for his short research activism. In this activism, he exposed fraudulent Chinese companies that were operational. This is where he first made his first breakthrough. In fact, since then, the Securities and Exchange Commission has been able to enforce the laws in order to avoid such things from happening ever again.

Mr. Adrangi previously worked with the Longacre Fund Management as an investment analyst. The firm is a privately owned company that has assets priced over 1.2 billion under the management. Mr. Adrangi was responsible for ensuring that the company’s investments in equity and credit funds were looked into very well. Additionally, at the Restructuring Investment Banking Group- Chanin Capital Partners, Mr. Adrangi worked as an investment analyst too. His responsibilities here were to advice creditors and help in the restructuring of the bankruptcy chapter in the company. He has also worked at the Leveraged Finance Investment Banking- Deutsche Bank. Here, his responsibilities included structuring and syndicating the non-investment grade bank debt and the high yield bonds.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is now worth over $10 billion. Through the many investors being brought into the company, SahmAdrangi has been able to raise approximately $100 million to bet against a single stock. This money is used to short the stock of an upcoming public investment company that will be named later. Previously, the company has recently taken a short position in drug makers Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen and Globalstars.

Mr. Adrangi talks to his investors through emails. He updates them on the amount of money that the company has been able to raise. Additionally, Adrangi and Shane Wilson, a Kerrisdale analyst, work on various items that show how the company is going to conduct its operations. It does this through reports, videos and their websites.

Talk Fusion: More Than Meets The Eye

As with just about anything in life, there is more than meets the eye with Talk Fusion. Yes, they are a video communications company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have those features and those have won the company awards such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year from the Technology Marketing Corporation ( It was their second award from them in 2016 and it promises they will keep growing in 2017 as it is the decade mark for this truly amazing company.


The reason I say they are truly amazing is the fact they have had the ability and the power to give people another crack and another shot at living life. For a lot of folks out there, they thought that was impossible for them. They thought it was nothing but a pipe dream. However, once they started using Talk Fusion and all of its video features, they saw there were people out there just like them. These people were dreamers and let’s face it: the world needs more dreamers. Dreamers make the world go round and dreamers make the impossible possible. They have a never say die attitude and they refuse to go down after the ten count.


They have a lot of spirit and a lot of spunk and they don’t get too upset over defeat. They know life is going to be filled with highs and lows and it is important to navigate through all of those in the best way possible. Talk Fusion has shown with their two awards they are going to keep on trucking and they are going to show the entire world why they won these awards and what these awards stand for at the end of the day. When they win these awards, it gives them extra fuel and extra motivation to keep on making Talk Fusion the best it can be all of the time.


Talk Fusion is a company with big goals and big dreams beyond what has happened so far. They know they have great power as Bob Reina says, and they are going to use it wisely.


Eric Pulier: His Life As An Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is a software entrepreneur. He might not be as known as many of the elite in the industry, such as the late Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but he is certainly on his way.

His Early Life

Eric Pulier is a hard worker and it’s not surprising because he has made a major success of himself, and he wasn’t born into money. He is truly a self-made man who was born in New Jersey. Although he did well in public schools, it was outside of school where he really excelled. At a very young age, Pulier became interested in technology. In fact, Pulier built a computer from scratch when he was just in the fourth grade.

After he succeeded in high school, he applied at and was accepted by Harvard University in the state of Massachusetts. While there, he studied English and American literature. He eventually studied at MIT, which is also in Massachusetts.

Corporate Life

After graduating from both Harvard and MIT, Pulier made the move to LA, California. There he started his journey as an entrepreneur and a futurist. People Doing Things was the first company  Pulier created. It was a tech firm that provided solutions (tech-based) for problems in the real world. As a result of Pulier’s hard work, and the hard work of his team, his company addressed issues related to poverty, education and healthcare.

Pulier eventually sold People Doing Things and he invested his proceedings into other enterprises. Fast forward to present day, he is the head of the IT firm ServiceMesh. The company uses the Cloud to provide tech solutions to companies around the world.

Besides ServiceMesh and People Doing Things, other ventures he has founded include Media Platform and Akana. Desktone is another venture he founded.

Now you know a little more about Eric Pulier’s early life and his corporate life.

Eric Pulier Social Media:

Fabletics is the New Beautiful

Fabletics started as an online company and expanded to stores in the last two years. If you are looking at making an impression with your exercise clothing, then they might be just what you are looking for.


How the Business Model Changed Everything

Fabletics started as a subscription company that sends clothing every month to the subscribers. When you sign up, you get to choose your style and they send you clothing within that style every month. The business model is different because not a lot of people want to go out and get the clothing if they can get it sent to their home. The model changed everything because it gives people a chance to get great clothing without leaving home.


Some other great things about this business model is you can forget it once you do it. This means you will just get your items every month and it’s not a worry for you. You can change the style you are getting at anytime as well as stopping the subscription if you need a little time without the clothing of if you are leaving the home for a few days. This way you won’t miss the things you want and you have a little more control over what is going on with your subscription.


The Stores

Fabletics created a store in some of the major cities. You can get what you want in your clothing as well as some of the best quality items on the market. The nice thing about the stores are you can try on the clothing you are interested in and see if it’s going to be a good fit for you. You also can see what the colors look like in person. This can make a huge difference because color can look like one thing online and another in person. By seeing it with your own eyes, you are getting a real feel for the style and the color instead of wondering what one is going to work and look best for you.


The stores are also a good place to get something that you like and take it home with you that day. If you are not happy with it, then you can bring it back or not even get it in the first place. This is a little different from the online buying options because you don’t have to get only one outfit in a month, you can get a few depending on what you like.


There are a lot of exercise clothing on the market, but Fabletics is a great thing for those that want quality and to have something new every month. If you don’t know what you want, then it’s a great thing to try in order to see what you like. You should take your time and find the one that is going to be the best fit for you. You also may want to visit the store to feel the fabric of the clothing so you know they are quality.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: The Moving Force Behind The Success Of Bradesco

In the recent years, competition in Brazil’s private banking sector has increased exponentially, with the two leading banks being Bradesco and Itau Unibanco. Behind the success of Bradesco lies Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the bank’s current President, and CEO. He assumed the role in 2009 but had joined the entity in 1969, slowly rising through its ranks to become Bradesco’s top executive. Upon taking up Bradesco’s presidency, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi implemented strategies that would improve the bank’s position of industry leadership.

He is native of Marilia, Sao Paulo; this is also the city where Bradesco was first established. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He then went on to the School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo, where he attained a postgraduate degree in Sociopsychology. He began working with Bradesco as a clerk in 1969, and has operated in several strategic departments including marketing, insurance, and private pension.

Before he was selected for Bradesco’s top job, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served as the Executive Vice President for the bank’s insurance arm, Bradesco Seguros. Under his leadership, the insurer contributed approximately 30% of the bank’s total profit. The insurer’s total premiums also increased, making Bradesco Seguros the leading provider of insurance in Brazil. During this period, he was recognized twice as Insurance Personality of the Year.

As the head of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also bears significant influence in the economic and financial landscape of Brazil. This is because he has insight on economic and investment matters that are important to both political and business leaders. This also allows him to play a role in most of the major financial operations in Brazil.

His biggest strategy was not to focus not only on acquiring and maintaining market leadership but also on improving on their weaknesses, as well as building on their strengths. This was to be bolstered by the acquisition of smaller financial institutions and banks so as to expand its reach and serve more customers. Bradesco’s greatest accomplishment came about in 2015 when Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi led the purchase of HSBC Brazil in a transaction valued at $5.2 billion. It followed the acquisition of Spanish BBVA, BoaVista, and BMC during the reign of Marcio Cypriano.

Through this purchase, Bradesco has made significant steps in recovering most of its market share and gaining new ground. It puts Bradesco in a good position to overtake Itau Unibanco in terms of the number of account holders, branch network, and investment funds available. The transaction also narrowed the gap in loans granted, assets, and deposits between Bradesco and Itau Unibanco. Due to the role he played in the purchase, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was recognized by Dinheiro as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance in 2015.

Innovative Business Leadership

The achievements and gains made by Bradesco can be attributed to the unique style of leadership implemented by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He created an enabling environment for employees at all levels to vocalize their thoughts, ideas, and strategies. By creating a corporate university, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi allows members of Bradesco to learn new leadership techniques and promote autonomy in thinking. This allows the bank stimulate organic growth by enhancing its internal performance and operational efficiency.

The career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is characterized by progressive growth and success in the financial services sector of Brazil. It also exemplifies Bradesco’s culture of nurturing leadership and business continuity. He is the bank’s fourth President after Marcio Cypriano, Lázaro Brandão, and Amador Aguiar, the bank’s founder. He is a persistent individual, whose expertise in Brazil’s private banking sector has been able to shake up and transform the industry.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:,,ERT21523-15565,00.html

Getting the Most Out of Marketing With White Shark Media

In today’s marketplace, a company has a huge amount of different options they can go with on a wide variety of platforms. It can be daunting to manage their advertising campaigns on alone, especially if they don’t have a person in-house who can only concentrate on marketing. This can be far from cost-effective with small to midsized enterprises! This is where a dedicated media company can come in handy, such as White Shark Media. Started in 2011 by Danish entrepreneurs, the company has expanded well beyond expectations by maintaining both a North American as well as an offshore presence with a fully bilingual staff. This allows them to reach every corner of the market in exciting and comfortable techniques for the targeted demographic.

There is some advice for those enterprises looking into PPC advertising, a quickly growing market that is tailored to online retail shopping and its consumers. First, consider where the best places to invest in advertising may be. Amazon Advertising and Google Merchant Centre are amazing options, with Amazon Advertising accounting for 43% of all US online revenue while Amazons main sales site was 53% of all online sales growth. Next, would be to ensure that all of the ad feeds are being kept up to date. If using Google Merchant Centre, it can mesh with Google Adwords, which will automatically retrieve all of a retailer’s product information directly from shopping feed, making advertising easy.

The campaign will want to put a focus on creating quality content. With so much advertising out there, an ad needs to truly shine to be remembered. Going hand in hand with this is to ensure your ads are optimized. Diversify the types of ads being put out as well as research where the ads should be located for maximum impact and sales.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association: A Summary

The CAA, or Capitol Anesthesiology Association, is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It was launched in 1973. The CAA is presently one of the most successful independent anesthesiology facilities in the country. The CAA staff touts over 80 MDs or physicians and 130 CRNAs or certified registered nurse anesthetists.

The CAA Facilities And Staff

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association works to offer the best care possible to people at more than 20 different medical facilities situated in and around the Austin area. The Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers patients anesthesia services at many of the metropolis’ ambulatory surgery centers, trauma centers and numerous hospitals. Every single one of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association doctors has been formally certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) or are currently working towards board certification.

The Focus Of The CAA

The CAA focuses on quality performance and teamwork. The CAA’s fully-trained CRNAs provide significant support to the anesthesiologists to make certain that their patients experience a safe and comfortable anesthesia experience. The physicians, CRNAs, registered nurses, and the anesthesia techs work together to provide their patients with the best medical care available. Additionally, the CAA’s administrative staff ensures that patients receive further support by working with insurance agencies in order to make even the billing process go as smoothly as possible.

The CAA’s Goal

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association states on their official Linkedin page that the business’ goal is to make sure that every single patient is provided with the best quality anesthesia care possible via the continuing education and information reporting.

Getting on Top with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla may be living the comfortable life with a high level job and multiple successes in her professional life, but she has worked hard to get where she is. Raised by a football coach father and two brothers, she was never treated special just because she was a girl. She was expected to work hard for what she wanted just as everyone else. This lesson was carried on into her adult life, and she has credited it to her successful career.

Many women find it hard to reach the coveted positions on top within organizations but Susan McGalla is helping lead the way for women leaders. She began at Joseph Horne Company working marketing and managerial positions until 1994, then joined American Eagle Outfitters the same year. At American Eagle Outfitters she climbed her way up the corporate ladder and found herself on top as President of the company before leaving in 2009. She then founded P3 Executive Consulting in 2012 and sits at the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Data analysis proves that gender diversity and ethnically diverse companies are more likely to outperform others. Even with this data only a small percentage of C-level positions in S&P 500 companies are held by women. Not all women are finding success at high level positions. With only a quarter of senior roles within companies being held by women, what is going on with the networks and all the initiatives that have been working so hard for so long for equal opportunity for women? Something is not working. One possible solution has been offered, sponsorship. Having someone in the corner of the career minded woman, standing up with her when assignments and roles are being assigned may just give the boost to actually diversify high level positions with in companies. This may be the right approach to help advance women leaders up in the organizations the work for the way Susan McGalla was able to.

Norman Pattiz Brings the Voice of Legendary Norman Lear to PodcastOne

In the recent past, PodcastOne has been introducing new shows as a way of bringing a new version of the show and interesting voices that are meant to influence a huge following. Not long ago, Norman Pattiz announced bringing Norman Lear, a World War II veteran, director, producer writer, and an intelligent creator into his podcast. The move to bring such a legendary personality was a great milestone to the PodcastOne.

Norman Lear hosts a weekly special podcast dubbed ‘All of the above.’ According to Norman Pattiz having Lear on board is a great achievement owing to his legendary figure. The new show which debuted on May 1st takes listeners through a wide range of interesting conversations derived from events happening in the society such as; politics, social issues, music, and family among many other critical situations. The show always brings the views of various celebrities and politicians among many other prominent figures.

Norman Lear works in close cooperation with Paul Hipp, a renowned actor, composer, and a great friend and the duo delivers more than entertainment to the loyal listeners. Lear has featured prominent guests such as Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, and America Ferrera among many others and much more scheduled to feature in the future. Learn more:

Norman Lear who is about to celebrate his 95th birthday is a man of many personalities. As many would agree, Lear is more than talented in everything he does. The great character was substantially involved in the establishment of television. Besides, Lear has written and developed a notable number of shows. Lear is the founder of the American Way, an advocacy group that was presented with the National Medal of the Arts by Clinton. With such a vast portfolio, Norman Pattiz feels proud to have a legend he always admired work in close collaboration with him.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. Also, the renowned individual is a retired person of Westwood One, a radio giant. Mr. Pattiz’s portfolio speaks well on his behalf. The successful innovator established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Recently, Norman Pattiz also launched the PodcastOne Sales as a way of expanding the brand.

Norman Pattiz’s effort and outward passion towards improving his well-being and that of community around is always admired by those around him. In 2000, Pattiz was appointed by Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. His success saw him being reappointed in 2002 by President Bush, an assurance that he always knew what he was doing. Besides, Norman Pattiz serves as a trustee of the prestigious University of California among many other positions that he holds. Learn more:


Talk Fusion for Families

If you live in an area that is not close to your family, you might be wondering what you can do to feel closer. The good news is it only takes one little program to make you feel like you are in the same room.


Video Chats

These chats are great for anyone that is far from home. They offer you a chance to see the people you love and interact with them. This kind of chat also allows your family to see what you are doing and what your home looks like. This can help them to feel like they are a part of your home and your family.



When you have a holiday at your home, but not everyone can be a part of it, you might want to add a video chat into the mix. This allows them to be a part of the fun while they are in a different area. They may also want to sit with you while you are opening presents as well as eating or doing other family traditions. Learn more:


Trips and Special Occasions

If you are on a trip, you might want to have a chat because you are having fun and want to share it with others. Video chats are some of the best ways to do this. You can also take video and use the email video option to send your family.


The special occasions you do with your family normally can be that much better if you are using a video chat because you can still feel like you are allowing the family to be a part of it while you are away. This makes a huge difference.


Talk Fusion is a great way to share everything with your family even when they are not there. You only need to add the app to your phone or tablet and get going. Then everyone can be a part of your life and your fun.