Funny Viral Videos That Will Smith Created Brings Back the Comedic Side of The Fresh Prince Persona He Created

One thing that people can say about Will Smith is that he is creative and funny even when he is not trying to be. He has had a lot of serious action rolls over the years, but everyone knows from his early rap career and his TV show that humor is where he finds his groove. He has mastered acting and become quite good in action movies and dramas, but the humor that he has been known for is showing back up. There is a very funny wave of viral videos that enlighten fans on who he was before he became the mega superstar that he is known as today.


The funny thing about these videos is that these stories are golden, but somehow the world doesn’t know much of anything about these stories. He has such a great story as he transitions from his time as a rapper to an actor, but few people know that he was reluctant to do the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Will Smith has the ability to sustain the attention of a crowd. He is someone that knows exactly what it takes to keep people intrigued by the story and it is very possible that his children will have some interesting stories of their own to tell one day.


Tracee Ellis Ross and Rashida Jones have both told great stories of how Michael Jackson was at their homes when they were little. Many people are envious of the lives that these celebrities led as kids. Many of them have met celebrities that became big name superstars. Michael Jackson has come to the home of both Ross and Jones, and Will Smith even has a Michael Jackson story. The Will Smith encounter, however, is much different from a typical day at the home of Diana Ross or Quincy Jones. Will Smith has posted a video about the humorous meeting with Jackson, and he told it in only a way that Will Smith could.

A Closer Look With Alex Pall

Following the release of their track “Closer”, Alex Pall was interviewed about both the track and the origins of The Chainsmokers. The track gained a lot of the attention for not only featuring the trademark voice of Halsey but also featuring the voice of Andrew Taggart, half of the DJ duo. Even if this decision seems weird for the genre itself, a closer look at the duo of Alex and Andrew puts into perspective as the two are known for being quite open with their music.

In the interview, Pall goes into depths about his life before forming The Chainsmokers. The New Yorker explains how DJing was a lifelong hobby for him, taking gigs around the city however it always felt like something on the side for him until he had a realization about what he wanted to do with his life, and that was pursuing music. He eventually went on to form The Chainsmokers with his first partner, Rhett Bixler. After some time, however, Rhett Bixler left the group and this is where Andrew Taggart comes in.

In Maine, Taggart had developed a love EDM long before the genre achieved mainstream success even having a handful of gigs here and there. By this time, the original duo of The Chainsmokers was quite well known as news of Bixler’s departure had even spread to Taggart’s home, Taggart being recommended by someone who worked the Pall’s manager. Both Taggart and Pall expressed that the minute they met, the two of them had instant chemistry and began working together immediately. From then on, the DJ duo would become one of music’s top creators.

When the duo was asked about the thought process behind including Taggart’s voice when it was such a rare thing to happen. The duo had expressed their love for their personal connection with both their fans and their music. They didn’t want to hide behind masks or create these alter egos, they wanted to enjoy the music like their fans because at the end of the day, both Pall and Taggart are still fans of EDM.

Viral Videos That Become Memes

When the viral video of the small kid that was running surfaced online everyone got a good laugh in. As this occurred people were already brainstorming on how they could make an interesting meme for the video that was adorable and funny at the same time.


Slow motion running is nothing new, but for this little guy it was a very interesting things. His cousin would catch this footage and post it and he became a part of funny viral video history. This brings about the levels at which videos actually go viral.


Some videos become memes that are bounced at this internet on sites like Facebook. Others become such a big deal that the videos become newsworthy.

This video of the slow running baseball player is one such video. It received coverage on new shows. This received coverage, along with jokes, on some night shows. This was to be expected since it was a funny video.


Everyone tends to look at the funny viral video as a potential gateway to establishing a fan base. Most people that are regular working class people or high school teenagers will typically only have a random video that is funny. It is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that may get them more followers on Instagram or Facebook.


There are others, however, that are trying to get a funny viral video that can turn them into a star. This is what so many people are looking for when they consider making videos. They want to be the type of people that gain a fanbase that will ask them to make more videos. They tend to get subscribers, and this can lead to possible notices from celebrities that are in the business. This is what social media has done for people that have become obsessed with the viral videos. It can take them to a completely different level and actually launch a career if they are lucky. Some viral videos even become Internet shows.

Sahm Adrangi Release Negative Reports

Sahm Adrangi, the Investment Manager of Kerrisdale Capital, released a negative report seeking to explain why the firm has recorded a lower position in the Eastman Kodak Company, a commercial imaging and printing firm whose stock rose 187% after launching a partnership with Kerrisdale Capital. The manager said Eastman Kodak Company is literally flawed and thus incapable of providing substantive benefit for its shareholders. He further termed the company along with another firm by the name WENN Digital Incas firms, as firms with well-known dubious backgrounds. He accused Eastman Kodak Company of making hollow attempts to cover its unsustainable and ineffective capital structure. According to the investment manager, Kodak’s soon to be launched partnership will do little to save the firm from plummeting revenues, mounting default risk and negative free cash flow. The seasoned investment management professional promised to hold a press conference where he will release more details regarding the recent negative report.

Sahm Adrangi used to work as Longacre Fund Management’s Investment Analyst before launching Kerrisdale Capital Management. Longacre Fund Management is a privately owned firm with over $1.2 billion valuable assets under its management. Adrangi did investment analysis for the firm, in addition to researching for equity fund and credit fund on behalf of the firm. Before joining Longacre, he worked for Chanin Capital Partners, in the bankruptcy restructuring department. The investor advised creditors on bankruptcy restructuring. His work entailed attending bondholder committees, representing bank debt holders and representing creditors from various bankrupt and distressed companies. In addition to working for these two firms, Sahm Adrangi has worked for Deutsche Bank, where his role primarily entailed restructuring and syndicating non-investment bank debt, and leveraging buyout financings. He is a graduate of the Yale University, where he obtained a BA in Economics. His Kerrisdale Capital offers investment managing services, and it currently manages over $300 million. Based in New York, the firm shares its investment management ideas with the larger investment community via its official site.


Sahm Adrangi move to release the negative report regarding Eastman Kodak Company paints the firm in a truly negative light and thus its future could be ultimately uncertain moving forward.


Dr. Saad and his Dedication to Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Saad Saad is a well-known surgeon based in New Jersey. He was born in Palestine and later raised in Kuwait. Thus he is an Arab by birth. Dr. Saad pursued his medical degree at Cairo University in Egypt where he got an honorary degree in medicine. He came second in his class. After two years, he moved into the United States where he began his residency in surgery, precisely pediatric surgery. On due completion of his studies, he got inducted into the certified board of Pediatric Surgery. Dr. Saad worked for the Royal family of Saudi Arabia as their surgeon. Peculiar reasons, however, made him earn the spot to work among the royals. One being that he spoke both English and Arabic, the other one being that he was a member of the certified board member of the Pediatric commission in the United States.


The surgeon worked at King Fiscal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. At the hospital, he performed minor surgeries for complex operations. At one time, he operated on an infant diagnosed with an aneurysm. The operation was successful as the child survived. The surgeon then continued to urge a world-class magazine to publish the case details for the sake of educating the medical staff globally. At the King’s Fiscal Specialist Hospital, he was a respected medic as his opinions were taken seriously. If he recommended a patient to be operated overseas, no one would go against him. Even other surrounding Royal families came to the hospital to seek healthcare services. He closely follows the footsteps of his mentor, who believed that everyone was equal and they deserved an equal opportunity.


Having being raised from a low-income background, a fact that made him excel in medical school, his dedication to the poor was exceptional. He treated them with the utmost respect and offered to treat them in complex operations. Dr. Saad has spearheaded the invention of two devices that help the medical sector. His sole purpose is to instigate the transition from traditional methods of medicine to modern ones. He has committed to making the operations less painful and less risky. One of his inventions was a device that locates the catheter in the body without the help of a body scan. His second being an endoscope with a self-contained suction. In this procedure, the device sucks any fluid so that the surgeon can have an easier time treating the patient.


Dr. Saad Saad has practiced for 47 years and is still a certified board member of the United States pediatric council. To maintain the position, one had to undergo specialized training, pass a difficult test conducted annually, and go through continuous surgery operations. The surgeon is based in Eatontown, New Jersey and has a network of clinics that support his cause. Learn more:


Justin Bieber is Making People Laugh in a Way That Most Fans Never Would Have Expected

Justin Bieber is making people laugh with a funny video, and like everything else he does, it has gone viral. This time the viral video is Justin Bieber as a

Canadian Superman. Long before he was doing viral videos that were funny Justin Bieber already had a mass following of people that were viewing his music videos. Bieber has more than one video that has had a billion views. This is extremely impressive, but fans that have never seen him in a humorous costume like the one he is wearing in the Canadian Superman video are really in for a treat.


Justin has always played around with the skits and presented himself as a humorous guy. He has been a good sport about appearing and skits on Saturday Night Live, but he has never really taken acting on completely. This is what separates him from the other very popular Justin with the last name Timberlake.


This time around for this viral video Justin Bieber is definitely borderlining on Justin Timberlake comedic timing with this Canadian Superman. It is something that only someone like Bieber could pull off. He is, after all, Canadian, and the comedy here comes from the concept of a Superman character if he was Canadian. Is the perfect gift for fans that are waiting for another Justin Bieber album to come along as he gets back into the groove with on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.


Justin Bieber has had a lot of hard times where he has been criticized for his reckless behavior. He has gone from being a child pop superstar that was clean cut to being a reckless young adult that had too much money to spend. He has been seen in videos where he has been in brothels with prostitutes and he has endangered the life of others by racing down streets in expensive cars. It is good for fans to see him having a little fun and making people laugh.

GoBuyside (NY Recap)

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GreenSky Credit Is Changing The Way People Borrow Money

GreenSky Credit is the idea of its CEO and majority owner David Zalik. He has come up with an idea that is changing how people borrow money for home improvements. The idea will carry over into other areas as Zalik moves GreenSky Credit to areas such as elective medical and dental procedures. Anywhere that people have an expense they cannot pay in full immediately but are in need or want the service. Zalik has tapped into that market with a business plan that makes it easy for the borrower, good business sense for the business supplying the product, and very profitable for Zalik and his company.

David Zalik lived in Auburn, Alabama where his father was a teacher. At the end of junior high school, Zalik scored high on a college admissions test. He then skipped high school and started taking courses at the university. This lasted until he decided to go into business for himself. The time needed for his business left no time for school so he dropped out. It turned out to be a wise decision in the long run as GreenSky Credit has made David Zalik a billionaire. He did not go straight from college to GreenSky. He has other businesses along the way that were a prelude to his current success story.

The business plan of GreenSky Credit is both simple and brilliant. Zalik enlists contractors who do home improvements. He provides them with an app that produces almost instant financing for a homeowner. The contractor presents a proposal for a home improvement to the owner who then says they do not have the cash to pay for the work. The contractor then uses the app to get approval for the loan which is provided by a financial institution. GreenSky Credit gets a fee from both the contractor and financial institution for being the middle man, but does not have to loan any of its own money.

David Zalik sees GreenSky Credit growing in the future by signing up more contractors, and expanding the company’s reach into areas like medical procedures not covered by insurance. The future is bright for anything Zalik touches.


Will Smith Embraced Social Media in Very Funny Way

Will Smith is quickly becoming the viral video king. He has disappeared from the big movie screen for a while, but he has turned up in a very big way on social media. What Will Smith is doing right now is posting a lot of funny videos. Thks allows fans to get a glimpse of the life that he is living now because he has more of a mindset that is connected to relaxation.


Will has kids that are growing up and making their way into the business. He has even stepped back into the studio to do some recording for a new album with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Will has not done music and while, but it appears that his main love for the moment is funny videos.


Millions of people follow Will Smith because he has motivating messages, but even more people are taking time to look at the funny videos that he has posted about how he became the Fresh Prince on a classic sitcom. He also has talked about how he has met Michael Jackson. There are so many elements to his life that can only be told by Will Smith, and he tells the stories in a very entertaining way.


One of the things that tends to be very motivating for a lot of people that are seeing him is the level of popularity that he has gained from talking about his failures by laughing these things off. He could have given up when he went bankrupt. He could have let the bad choices that he made with his money totally to define his career. He did not do this. He did not become a stone that was sinking. Instead, he got himself up off the couch after his girlfriend prompted him to do so and he started making moves with a new career.


These personal stories have the ability to entertain people and motivate aspiring actors at the same time.

The Storied Career of Francisco J. Domenech

Francisco Domenech is not just a managing partner of Politank, a law firm that specializes in government affairs. Domenech is also heavily involved in politics, serving as a campaign manager for Democratic figures like Hillary Clinton and the Hon. Jenniffer Gonzalez. Domenech is also a passionate philanthropist who uses Politank to support various causes. His knowledge and experience in both the legal and political world make him a force to be reckoned with, and his success is peppered with many achievements.

Domenech is a graduate UPR, Rio Piedras Campus, with a bachelor’s and Juris Doctor in political science. He was politically active during his tenure as a student. Francisco was President of the Student Body Council, an Academic Senator for the UPR Rio Piedras Academic Senate, and also served as Student Body President of UPR’s College of Social Sciences. Upon graduating Domenech continued his political foray, partaking in Puerto Rican/U.S. politics. As Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory it also takes part in election, and Domenech became an important part of those elections. In 2007 Domenech became a member of the Democratic National Committee, representing the Young Democrats of America. Later, he served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton’s first Presidential run against Obama, he would continue this service years later in her second run against Sen. Sanders. Domenech has been a delegate for Puerto Rico in the last four Democratic National Conventions, and in 2016 was appointed to Clinton’s National Finance Committee. Francisco Domenech’s legal merits are just as impressive.

Before coming to Politank, Francisco Domenech was the former Director of Legislative Services. The P.R. Legislative Assembly is comparable to the U.S. Congressional Research Service. He served in this position for three years from 2005 to 2008. Before that he served as Chief Legal Counsel for the P.R. Senate President. Domenech represented the Senate’s interests in court, facilitated the supervising of all counsel work, and oversaw outside counsel as well as federal lobbyists. Domenech is able to practice law before every court in Puerto Rico as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

Find out more about Francisco Domenech: