Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Guru

Nick Vertucci is a real estate professional who started NV Real Estate. He is the type of man to emulate for those who are inspired by a rags-to-riches story. Vertucci grew up in a family who constantly faced financial worries. He had to deal with the traumatic experience of losing his father at only ten years old. At eighteen years old he immediately started his own business selling computer fittings. Rotten luck would end up hitting his business during the end of the dot-com bubble when the market crashed. Nick Vertucci ended up accumulating a substantial amount of debt and lost his house in the process. He did not let the failure of his computer business stop him. He ended up enrolling in a real estate academy and built a phenomenal career as a real estate investor. He even started his own real estate training school of his own.

Nick Vertucci later wrote a book called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. The book sketches the steps that built the foundation of Vertucci’s changes he made that enabled him to eventually achieve financial freedom and a more maintainable enterprise. The book highlights how Nick Vertucci started life in an extremely poor family. He grew up and performed well for himself with his tech business and made a lot of money. He then lost it all and had to start back over with nothing. Nick Vertucci said that during this period he went through a serious depression, but while attending real estate training he found someone to mentor him. He was able to alter his mindset. It was this change in his mental attitude that he was able to turn his life and his financial situation around. He said the book is geared for those who may be currently struggling in business.


The Illustrious Madison Street Capital Reputation

Right now, Austin, Texas is very fertile soil for growing a company no matter the size or industry. Tech companies are especially thriving in the area with some of the biggest names in the industry calling Austin home. This large melting pot of various companies and industries has made the city a favorable destination to Madison Street Capital, a diverse investment banking firm that is a leader in delivering corporate financial advisory services.


Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway says having connections in Austin is very important considering it is quickly becoming a business and technology hub. Charles does not want Madison Street capital to miss out on the boom and wants to make sure it has enough boots on the ground to provide its clients regional access to highly skilled investment banking professionals. Charles has a personal relationship with Austin as well as it so happens to be his current residence. He is looking forward to helping the firm grow in his home city.


Madison Street Capital expects to have multiple offices and spaces by the beginning of next year.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital provides a whole host of services and financial opinions to publicly and privately held businesses. The firm wants to cover all fronts so that its clients have the best chance of profiting in the global marketplace. It builds a real relationship with its clients and reassures them that everything will be just fine as it makes their goals and objectives their own. Madison Street Capital specifically focuses on certain assets in particular markets to help clients grow globally. The firm has absolute trust from its clients worldwide because of its commitment to integrity excellence, leadership and service. It has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals since it was established. This is why the Madison street Capital reputation is so revered.


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The Professional and Personal Life of Whitney Wolfe Herd

Summary of “Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit”

After dating app Bumble co-founder Whitney Wolfe Herd left dating app Tinder in 2014 after suing another co-founder for sexual discrimination, she thought for sure she would be blacklisted. But thanks to her new business partner, Andrey Andreev, she managed to avoid this. Andreev is very internationally respected in the online dating industry. His vouching for Whitney Wolfe did much to keep her safe from any blacklisting. With his help, she founded Bumble in 2014, a dating app that requires women to initiate all conversations.

Summary of “Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Whirlwind Wedding Was a True Celebration of Southern Italy”

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and CEO of Bumble a feminist dating app that only allows women to initiate connections. In the past two years Bumble has also launched BFF (2016) which enables women to connect with new friends online and Bizz (2017) when enables business networking for women. It was back in 2013 first found her own love connection in the form of Michael Herd, restaurateur and oil businessman. They met while both on a skiing trip started dating the next Valentine’s Day, and were engaged two years later.

Shortly after being engaged at his family ranch, the happy couple vacationed in Italy. It was on that trip that they decided to get married in Positino. The two planned themselves the entire event that was to be held neither of them knew at all. In the end, they were wed at a venue known as Villa Tre Ville. The wedding celebration took place on multiple nights with each night being full of non-stop partying. In addition, each night had its own theme. All of these nights of celebration led up to the actual wedding day.

For a while, it did not look like the weather wasn’t going to cooperate at all. For several days the area was so dry that at one point a large forest fire erupted nearby and then on the morning of the wedding, there were heavy rains resulting in a flash flood. But the weather cleared so that they were able to have it that evening. They were so desperate for this to go down that the couple, groomsmen, and bridesmaids all dried the now soaking grassy hill where they were to married with lots of towels. View:



Neurocore was founded in 2004 and is a neurological science research group that researches how the brain works and how it is that effects people on a daily basis. The research center has had a focus on brain training for years and now has many different clinics all over the country to help people train their brain so that they can better deal with the normal stressors that people experience every day. The hope is that this training will lead to more success and happier more fulfilled lives by those that have the brain training done to them. Read more about Neurocore at The brain training in which they offer starts off by analyzing the person’s brain through a series of scans and EEG’s in which the team is able to tell what is going on with the brain. The next step is to go the patient and discuss what it is that the team found in the brain and how it is that they think they can help. The team will share the treatment plan of therapies and even supplements if that is needed for the patient. At that point, the timeline and the cost of the treatment are discussed so that the patient can make a fully informed decision for their health. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

If the patient makes the decision to continue and go on for treatment then the next step is to schedule the treatments in order so that the patient can come in for the needed therapies. The timeline for everyone is different as the brain training greatly depends on what is trying to be achieved by the patient and where they are before they start the treatment. But overall Neurocore has seen great success in this treatment for people and believe that this is a step towards the future in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, and so many other ailments that plague people and cause them to not only have a lesser living standard but can affect their earning potential, drive, and social activities in which they engage in. With Neurocore’s breakthrough they hope to get the funding to continue to expand and eventually change how the world looks at these conditions and the treatment options for the aliments all around the world.


Talkspace: Spearheading the Evolution of Mental Health Services on the Web

Mental health counseling has changed dramatically in recent times. A field that was once shrouded in mystery has now expanded out of the doctor’s office and onto the internet. Talkspace has persisted as a leading innovator in this field, helping people get astounding results right from their mobile devices.

No longer do patients have to go to a hospital or clinic to get mental health care. Therapists provide their services remotely with Talkspace custom software and mobile interfaces. This makes it a lot easier for patients to stay in the loop and keep up with their care routines.

Talkspace has set a great example of how to cultivate a positive environment online. The platform is easy to use and lets users get the most out of every interaction. Without having to worry about going into a doctor’s office, patients can focus on the most important thing– getting better. Michael Phelps was profoundly aware of this when he sought mental health services on Talkspace. He was interested in the way that the services could be administered online because it allowed him to stay in touch even while traveling or competing.

Mental health often needs a lot of attention to detail, Phelps explained in an interview about his experience. He emphasizes the value that therapists can add when it comes to long-term care and symptom management. Phelps has since partnered with Talkspace to promotes products and services available on the website. With great results in his own life, Phelps speaks from personal experience about how online mental health care can change the world. He also raises awareness about online psychological health services.

Millions of people have joined online platforms for mental health in recent years. The growth in this niche area has largely been pioneered by Talkspace. With years of experience in online services and mental health practices, they offer an unparalleled team and infrastructure to users. Getting help has never been easier thanks to the innovative technology and systems developed by Talkspace. Users can anticipate even more discoveries and breakthroughs in the years to come.

How Ara Chackerian Makes Sure he Helps People

When Ara Chackerian started working to come up with ideas for TMS Health Solutions, he knew there would be times where he struggled to make the most out of the company. He also knew he had to work with doctors as his partners if he was going to make a big difference in the medical community. It would take a lot of work for him to become credible to other doctors, but he could do it using the help of doctors who knew what they were talking about. Ara Chackerian felt good about how he was helping people and that’s part of what made things easier for him while he was coming up with new opportunities. He always felt good about the help he could give people and the things he was doing that would continue helping them. He wanted others to realize he was coming up with good ideas and doing the best job possible with these ideas. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Thanks to the hard work Ara Chackerian put into the business and all the things he did with it, he knew how to help others. He also knew there were things that would help him show people what they could get on their own. Through his hard work, Ara Chackerian felt confident he was giving everyone a better experience. It helped him show people what they could do and how they could make a big difference in the industry. It also made things easier for him no matter how hard he had to work to come up with these ideas. Visit for more.


TMS Health Solutions keeps getting better and people keep seeing it as something they can take advantage of. They realize Ara Chackerian is doing a lot of work and he’s working to make sure the work continues getting better for everyone in the industry. Thanks to him doing this, more people have a chance to experience a positive life with the options they have. He wants them to know they can keep getting better and keep doing things the right way using the healthcare related technology that TMS Health Solutions has become so popular for.



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Tribute to the Music of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi cofounded the Brazilan hard rock band in 1985. He and his cofounding friends were all either 13 or 14 at the time. Prior to this time, Audi had already been playing in bands around his hometown of Sao Paulo. Then the brothers Yves and Pit Passarell asked him and some other friends if they would like to start a new band with them. This is the group that would soon be called Viper. In 1985 the group produced to very well received demos. Critics loved their unique sound which was inspired by Britain’s hard rock bands of the 70s and early 80s.

The first was especially critically adored. It was called “Killera Sword.” He served as its drummer. Between 1987 and 1989 they achieved international stardom. 1987 saw the release of their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise. Cassio Audi was more than just the drummer. He also composed some of the most popular songs of the group. These songs included “Wings of Evil,” “The Law of the Sword,” “Knights of Destruction,” “The Whisper,” “Killers,” and “Signs of the Night.” But his contributions as a drummer were huge, influencing the sound of Brazilian rock as a whole.

This sound was an unprecedented massive sound that made Brazilian rock its own hard rock subgenre. In 1989 after they released their second extremely well-received album, Theatre of Fate, Audi left to pursue a career in finances. Viper is not the most successful band in the history of Brazil, but they are up there as one of its most iconic and most influential. And although Audi has moved on, he still keeps a hand in the rock music world, playing in occasional concerts.

James Dondero: Giving Back To Dallas

James Dondero is a model businessman and philanthropist that resides in Dallas, Texas. James began his career in business by gaining a proper education at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he would earn his Bachelor of Science Degrees in both accounting and finances. Visit to know more about James. His experience with accounting and finance during his studies landed James a position with JP Morgan Chase & Company where he would create a financial training program that launched him into the next level of his career with American Express, a company in which James Dondero dreamed of being under their employ. During his time at American Express, between the years of 1985 and 1989, James Dondero was solely responsible for the management of fixed income funds for clients of American Express, and the total of those funds summed up to a total of one billion dollars. After several years of success working for American Express, James Dondero heard from the Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, and they offered him the position of their Chief Investment Officer which he gladly accepted in 1989. Visit to know more about James Dondero. What was once a mere thought at a meeting, was now a two billion dollar success story thanks to many years of guidance and management by Mr. Dondero. Because of the amount of success he was having with other companies, James knew it was time to establish his own in 1993, and so Highland Capital Management headquarters opened their doors in Dallas, Texas. It was never enough for James Dondero to create his empire, James has always been passionate about the city of Dallas and the communities therein. James has made it a point to set aside three million dollars in Highland’s budget every year so that the company might better support local initiatives that promise to launch Dallas into the future in a favorable light. One of the examples of such an organization, is The Family Place, a shelter that houses men that are victims of domestic violence and need a safe place to go. Within minutes of healthcare, and featuring a twenty-four-hour hotline for those who need to reach out, it is vital for sites like this to receive help from those like James Dondero so that they can continue to serve their communities.


As Smooth as Silk: Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a man who has had the vibe of music in his veins for as long as he can remember. He liked to know how things worked down to the last detail and make sure that everything runs smoothly for his concerts. He started by honing his craft for the Billy Graham specials. This gave him the confidence he needed in order to be able to start his own production business and still go out on the road for some of the biggest acts in music today. One of the acts he has worked with was the band Kid Rock. According to a article, the duo is teaming up once again in 2018 for the “Red Blooded Rock and Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour“.

For this tour, Clayton Hutson says that he allows his prior experience to be his ultimate guide on this particular outing. He knows that Kid Rock is one of the most outspoken personalities in the world of music today and Clayton wants to make sure that he gives the fans something memorable to see. One thing that Clayton makes sure of is that every detail is planned out perfectly. He has to be sure that if there are any pitfalls in the show he must deal with them immediately. This is why he has many people on the ground helping him make sure that everything goes well. He says the tour can be stressful for him. He is usually the first person to arrive at a venue very early in the morning, go through the logistics of the show during the day, and then be the last one out of the area when the concert is finished. This is the amount of dedication that he has to his craft and it has paid off for him in many ways.

Clayton Hutson says that one thing he likes to do is work. He knows that he has worked with Kid Rock before and the team that is working with him is nothing short of top-notch. that is what makes the profession so much fun for him. He works well with the crew and they work well with him.

This is why acts like Kid Rock work with people like Clayton Hutson. He knows how to put the show together from the very beginning to the very end. That is the way Clayton Hutson likes it. Learn more:


Avoid These Common Mistakes With Help From the Experts at Aloha Construction

Whether you’re buying your first home or you’re an experienced homeowner, you may run into certain issues. The team at Aloha Construction has seen almost everything, and here, they’re sharing some of the most common mistakes home buyers and owners make, as well as some tips on avoiding them.

Focusing on Certain Upgrades

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing the wrong home upgrades. While adding a sunroom or a luxurious master bathroom is a great way to make the home more enjoyable, it’s not always the best way to increase its value. If you want to boost your home’s resale value and curb appeal, upgrading the roof and siding is a great way to do it, and the experts at Aloha Construction can help.

Delaying The Property Inspection

Our team offers no-cost property inspections as well. It’s important to get a home inspection at least once yearly, particularly after a severe storm. The team will rigorously inspect your siding, roofing, and shingles, and if there are issues, they’ll help with the insurance claims process.

Neglecting the Gutters

Another major issue we see here at Aloha Construction is the neglect of homes’ downspouts and gutters. We suggest inspecting them each season, being sure to look for warning signs such as leaking and sagging. It’s also important to ensure that the downspouts point away from the home, to prevent water from pooling around the foundation.

Economizing on Repairs

Of all the mistakes on this list, this one is perhaps the most serious. While a handy homeowner can easily perform some tasks, in other cases, it’s best to leave the work to the pros. Choosing to DIY important repairs or working with unlicensed, unqualified contractors may save a few dollars, but the long-term costs will be significant. Aloha Construction is one of the top contractors in Illinois, and we have the BBB Torch Award to prove it. Call us today to get the job done right and at a fair price.

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

Once the novelty of owning a home wears off, reality sets in, and you’ll realize just how much work homeownership can be. However, with the team at Aloha Construction on your side, everything becomes just a little easier.