Paul Mampilly – Expert Financial Analyst and Professional Financial Advisor

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor and financial analyst currently working with Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. At the beginning of his career, he worked at Wall Street for companies like Banker’s Trust, ING, Deutsche Bank, and others. While working for a hedge funding corporation named Kinetics Asset Management as its portfolio manager, he helped the hedge fund grow from $6 billion to over $25 billion. It is what helped the hedge fund to be listed by Barron’s as well to be the best hedge fund of the year.

However, Paul Mampilly realized that the expertise he posses in the financial world is only available to the rich and wealthy and thus, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He started a financial newsletter named Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and a few others, which help everyday people, understand the dynamics of the financial world. The ordinary people are the ones that find it hard to manage their finance and invest smartly as they do not have the financial experts working for them like the wealthy people. It is the difference that makes the rich people more productive with time and vice versa.

In Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly helps his readers identify the stocks that he believes would be growing in value in the time to come. The stock tips and recommendations provided by Paul in his financial newsletters have helped many of his readers to expand their investment portfolio successfully. The economic and investment tips that Paul provides in his newsletters have helped his readers to avoid accidental losses in the financial market and investing strategically to secure their future financially.

Paul Mampilly has a very different way of devising an investment strategy and picking a stock, which helps people avoid losses. If you are looking to make investments in the volatile financial market, taking the help of the professional financial expert such as Paul Mampilly would help. One important advice he always gives his readers is that they should stick to their strategy and not let go off it after some success as it would end up causing unbearable losses for them.

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