“Pigzilla” Spotted in Hong Kong Becomes Internet Darling

Schoolchildren in Hong Kong had a surprise visitor earlier in the week, as a giant wild boar and three piglets came to one local school in search of food from the dumpster out back.

The beast was dubbed “Pigzilla” by internet commentors, an obvious reference to the iconic Japanese movie monster known for its enormous size. As one would expect, the animal became wildly popular in a short amount of time for how big it was, one person humorously suggesting it be invited to the Westminster Dog Show.

In a video recorded by one person named Tu Dongdong and posted to Facebook, the lead pig can be standing on its hind legs and rooting around inside the dumpster. The three piglets are off to the side, seemingly waiting for the leader to drop them something to eat.

In the mountains of Hong Kong, it’s not uncommon for people to see wild boar like this roaming free. They will occasionally wander into the city to look for food as these four seem to have done. While nothing has been confirmed from the brief video footage, they were likely a mother and her four children hoping to find something to eat behind the school, though whether or not they succeeded remains a mystery due to the short length of the video.

As with any wild animal, people should not approach wild boars like these for any reason unless they are a trained animal control professional. Pigs like these can grow to be upwards of 450 lbs with sharp tusks for ramming, easily impaling humans during a charge without a second thought.

The current whereabouts of Pigzilla or the piglets has not been confirmed, nor has the school and attached dumpster been identified at this point in time.

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