Rick and Morty’s Szechaun Sauce “Joke” Tops List of 2017 Viral Trends

Rick and Morty, an adult swim cartoon, achieved popularity among many viewers. It’s bold mix of quantum physics jokes and fart humor might appeal to a specialized crowd, but the cartoon has garnered a larger following since its release three seasons ago.

A recurring gag in the show involves Ricky routinely going to other universes to get Szechaun sauce from McDonald’s, according to polygon.com. McDonald’s offered the sauce after the movie Mulan came to theaters. It briefly re-released the sauce to a limited number of restaurants earlier this year. The restaurant chain forgot to tell people this, and many of its fans ended up harassing part-time, minimum wage McDonald’s Employees asking them why their restaurant did not have the sauce.

During the furor that followed, it came out that the limited release was a practical joke played on the fans. That did not stop the Wendy’s twitter account for making fun of the apparent faux pas. The operator of the Wendy’s account invited Rick and Morty fans to come to a Wendy’s restaurant instead. The brief tweet mentioned that the reader’s local Wendy’s did not have Szechaun sauce, but then, neither did McDonald’s.

Rick and Morty fans made the news again for attacking the female writers of the show. A segment of the Rick and Morty fan base sees Rick as the ideal alpha male, while his creators intended him to be a selfish narcissist who does not how his actions affect his family. Some of the season three plot lines involved the character showing remorse for some of the things he has done and how they affect his family. Those who saw Rick’s character as the ideal alpha male saw this as an attack on them and harassed the female writers of the show.

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