Robert Ivy And The Future Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is an architect, a writer and the current CEO and EVP at the American Institute of Architects.

The avid architect was appointed to that role in February 2011 and he has held that position ever since. Prior to that, he worked for various architectural based institutions where he held executive and influential posts. Robert Ivy is also a bold architecture critic and a lecturer of the art. He has published and written several articles and publications that dwell on architecture. The architecture professional studied at The University of the South and graduated with a BA in English. In addition to this, he attended Tulane University where he attained an M. Arch in Architecture. The Washington native has also received various accolades for his inspiring and outstanding role in the architecture industry.

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Americans are continuing to suffer from lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and others due to their eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. However, Mr Ivy holds the opinion that architects have a huge role to play in this health crisis. This is because ultimately the visionary and designing role which architects play can influence a lot in the American society.

In an article that was published in the Huffington Post, Mr Ivy points that architects should design and plan any structure with the country’s public health in mind. Consequently, the healthcare facility will encourage the population to participate in healthy activities which will keep diseases at bay. The architecture professional holds the view that health care and designing of neighbourhood go hand in hand with fighting lifestyle conditions such as obesity. The architecture industry is already taking this issue under their stride as they have started providing special courses in designing and health in various leading institutions in America.

According to Mr.Ivy the need for these courses is very important as they will inform upcoming architects of the need to come up with designs that will promote public health. Moreover, the onus hasn’t been left to architects only as public health students have also been included in this effort. This is because some public health courses have also started including specialized courses on the consequences of structures on sustainability and health.

In an interview with, the architect also emphasized the need for architects to think beyond their industry. Mr Ivy believes that designing, building and construction goes a long way in impacting various areas of life. Throughout the course of American history, architects have played a leading role in public health during designing. The American Institute of Architects has gone further in their bid in supporting public health through giving grants to schools that provide the vital courses. The CEO of AIA projects that the future of architecture is to make an impact in their designs in order to encourage productivity.

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