Sanjay Shah Shares His Secrets For Raising Money At Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is the founder and director of Autism Rocks. His business interests share time with Autism Rocks, and he has created a unique method of raising money to research Autism and its causes. This article explains the program Sanjay Shah Denmark has created, and there is a peak at how he has made raising money for a good cause popular and fun again.

#1: Autism Rocks Truly Does Rock

Autism Rocks is a rock concert promoter that invite the most-eligible donors to private events that feature the world’s greatest musicians. Rappers, singers, rock bands and entertainers appear at Autism Rocks events, and the events are a roaring affair that entices every donor to give. Checks are written at the end of the night, and money is tallied in the millions every year.

#2: Sanjay Uses His Business Prowess To Fundraise

Sanjay founded Solo Capital on his own as a vehicle for his business dreams, and he has used his prowess in business to create the profile used for both Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. The two businesses are managed in a similar fashion, and he has created a capital plan that helps both companies remain solvent. Funds raised at Autism Rocks are invested for maximum potential, and Solo Capital offers boutique services to clients.

#3: Sanjay Believes In Proper Management

Sanjay believes in managing each business with a solid vision and great people. He is committed to hiring the finest people to work with his companies, and he brings in great minds who are more knowledgeable than he about vital issues. He raises more money because his Autism Rocks staff is excellent, and Solo Capital functions well because his investment staff is quite talented. The juxtaposition of business and charity work requires Sanjay to be an expert in human resources, and he carefully considers every hire for the betterment of the firm.

Sanjay Shah’s tips for business and fundraising all boil down to a single axiom. Leaders must be willing to bring in the right people. Excellent ideas are assisted by good people such as the ones Sanjay has personally-hired to manage his businesses and his charities.


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