Solutions Provided by Graeme Holm through Infinity Group Australia.

Graeme Holm has had a rough moment trying to change the terms conditions to which the loan clients are subjected by the banks and other financial firms in Australia. After a long working experience in the banking sector where he worked for the biggest financial institutions in Australia, Graeme managed to acquire relevant knowledge and skills that made him understand the operations of the institutions’ activities. However, he realized that the way things were done in the industry was contrary to how they were supposed to be done. For instance, the credit customers often came looking for loans, which they had very little or no information about. This often led to misunderstandings between the customers and the lenders due to the ignorance of the clients.


However, their ignorance was understandable because not all the clients had been through finance or economic classes. So the best thing that the personnel of the financial organizations and the banks could have done was to guide and support their customers towards the proper repayment of their debts. Instead, the institutions just gave the money to the customers and left them to struggle with their genuine ignorance in their repayment process. This often led to a myriad of challenges during the repayment processes for many clients. Some of them even got to the points of defaulting the loan repayments, and consequently, their property ended up in the wrong hands of auctioneers. This was a painful process for the customers because instead of improving their living standards, the loans ended them in more financial troubles than they were before borrowing. Learn more:


This scenario challenged Graeme Holm, and he decided that he could sit no more and watch the clients of the credit sector suffer the unfairness and the impunity of the banks and the other lending institutions. He considered the solution that he could offer to these customers and settled on establishing a financial firm that could operate as a personal banker and a financial trainer to these customers so that their livelihoods could improve. Together with his wife, Rebecca Walker, Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group Australia, an organization that would later become a redemption to many clients who suffered the impunity of the banks and the credit facilities.


With the establishment of Infinity Group Australia, many customers have been happy to get assistance in the management of their debts. The company has also offered advice to the clients on matters relative to wealth creation and management. Also, the elderly customers have also been able to access guidance on the ultimate solutions for their retirement plans. As a result of all these services, they claim that they are happier with their children and the rest of the family members because they have less to worry about their financial statuses.

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