Some Deer Can Be Dearing And Non Threatening

Seeing animals in their natural habitat, doing what is expected, is amazing to onlookers. Animal lovers have protested against the cutting down of trees, and the removal of natural resources that are needed for animals to thrive. Some animals venture away from, or are driven away from their homes and into areas where they are feared by humans. It is not unusual to see a lone deer gazing at you while wandering around your yard. Once they spot you, they immediately take off. They are not accustomed to being around, and interacting with humans. While you are thinking about how to handle the situation, the deer has disappeared.


In the upstate New York city of Watervliet, the police department was called because a deer was spotted in the courtyard of an apartment complex. When the police arrived, they thought that they would have to put the animal down, but they soon found out that it would not be necessary. The deer stood quietly, and calmly as officers approached it. Their presence did not frighten the deer. The deer allowed the police to put a leash and a collar on it, and they led the animal around like a dog. Watching the video was like seeing a domesticated animal being led by it’s owner. Your text to link…


The video of the deer with a collar and leash will put a smile on your face. It is endearing to see that all animals of the wold are not really wild at all. The deer had been injured before the capture, but was still able to walk. The video had the appearance of a friendly deer enjoying the human companionship. It followed the officers to a safe place, and even came to them when it was called. The deer was taken into the custody of the North Country Wildlife to be placed back among the other animals in the confines of it’s natural habitat, and a safe environment.

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