Some Funny Trends Taking Over The Internet

The Internet can be a very creative place. All of those individuals from all over the world contributing to this great thing we call the Internet. It is easy enough to see how great trends can come from all of that. Even more impressive is when some of those trends are truly funny and really do make us laugh. That is the case with a few of them that are ongoing right now.


Consider the “whisper challenge” first described on the Jimmy Fallon show and reported on by CNN. This is a game where one person wears headphones with music turned up very loud while another person looks at them and whispers a phrase. The person wearing the headphones then tries to read their lips to see what it is that they are saying. Doing so often leads to hilarious results since most of us cannot honestly read lips.


The try not to laugh challenge is another one that anyone can get behind. It is just about watching some very funny videos on YouTube while trying not to laugh. It will really test your funny bone because the videos are designed to be quite funny. The longer you can hold on without laughing the better. If you are really good at this game you can impress people by just keeping those laughs in.


Finally, the mannequin challenge has been so popular that it has even taken in some celebrities. This is a challenge whereby a group of friends gets together in any particular situation and poses like mannequins while another person walks around and video tapes them with their phone. The video is then uploaded to YouTube along with music to go along with it. The more creative the scene and the music selected, the better.


These are just a few of the many great challenges currently going on via the Internet. They are the trends of today, who knows what might come along when we open the Internet tabs tomorrow.


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