Stranger Things 2 Fuels Viral Content

Already a viral sensation after its first season, the Netlix show’s second season has sent the internet into a fever pitch of Stranger Things obsession. Television insiders have credited 80’s nostalgia and a relatable young cast for the success of the series. It has also received almost universal acclaim from critics. In 2016, it picked up five Primetime Emmy Awards and the cast snagged a Screen Actors Guild Award for their performance.


Stranger Things has taken pop culture by storm. The young cast, helmed by Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard, has been transformed into instant stars. Images of Millie’s waffle-toting character Eleven have become ubiquitous online. Last year, social media users even revolted at the death of a popular character and launched the much-publicized #Justice4Barb hashtag. The show’s now-famous wall alphabet decorated with Christmas lights can be found on everything from t-shirts to mobile phone cases. One California couple even used the iconic combo to reveal the gender of their baby.


Cosplayers have come out in droves to show off their Eleven-style fake blonde wigs and their Dustin-inspired red, white and blue trucker hats. The web is full of Tumblr pages dedicated to the show, and a plethora of Instragram accounts are devoted to posting pictures of Stranger Things and its cast. Reddit currently boasts an active Stranger Things subreddit with 200,000 subscribers. It provides a general platform for discussion of the show and offers a central location for posting memes. And Stranger Things has generated a lot of memes. From mashups with other popular shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air to comparisons between Eleven and E.T., Stranger Things is a viral gift that keeps on giving. With all of the hype surrounding the show, fan will be relieved to know that the Duffer brothers have promised at least two more seasons, meaning more viral fun is just around the corner.

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