Streaking and Rugby Prove to Be a Poor Combination

There is definitely a memorable highlight for a weekend rugby game in London. The player involved in this incident is Chris Hala’ufia. Mark Ahn has found that there is an intriguing image of Chris tackling a naked man who was streaking through the field. You wont be surprised when you see these images of a man in the full Monty mode. Chris did not make it to the end of the game after the remarkable tackle. This is because it was actually considered to be an illegal tackle of a naked individual. Why was a naked man running through a rugby field? When you view the article you might get a clearer idea of the entire scenario. The claim is that Chris was attempting to assist the stewards in removing the naked and fast running man from the rugby field. When the naked streaking man was tackled he can be seen also talking on his cell phone.

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