Strengths of Talkspace

Strengths of Talkspace

Therapy is the leading way of assisting people with mental health problems. Therapy covers a lot of areas but it majorly concentrates on the way we live today. That is Talkspace was started in order to assist more people to deal with their mental issues through online. The company is headquartered in New York and the company was started in the year 2011. The size of the company ranges from fifty-one employees to two hundred employees. Talkspace specializes in various activities which include online therapy and counseling, unlimited messaging therapy, psychotherapy, self-care and also health and wellness. The company has highly skilled and experienced employees who are always determined to deliver their best services to their clients at all times.

The best thing about Talkspace is that their clients can always feel safe sharing their personal problems with the company’s licensed therapist without any doubt of having their confidentiality being compromised. The company also offers consultations and long-term treatment plans that can be done through the internet.

The relationship between Michael Phelps and Talkspace

Michael Phelps has a strong relationship with Talkspace Company since he has once been a victim of mental health assisted him in various ways to go through the situation. That is Michael and Talkspace recently opened their official campaign on the importance of therapy on national television. Michael has been able to contribute to the campaign by sharing his story about mental health and explaining how therapy assisted him to go through the process in great ways. The two partnered and launched their campaign in order to empower more people to start engaging in more therapy sessions since this is the best way of reducing the rampant mental health cases.

While sharing his story Michael Phelps pointed out that he had spent most of his career life being depressed through holding various things he never wanted to share. But he realized that by holding a lot of stressing issues to himself he was doing more harm to himself and that is why when he decided to open up and talk to someone about his issues, he became stronger and he stopped feeling vulnerable.

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  1. Talkspace has been of immense help to those who are having some health challenges. With Talkspace you can share whatever that is you ailment which range from online therapy and counseling, unlimited messaging therapy, psychotherapy, self-care among others. The biggest fear of many people has been the safeness of their information but
    has it that the company keeps all information about you that you have shared with them.

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