Success in Business has made Greg Blatt and Icon

Greg Blatt the former CEO of Tinder, IAC, and has become an icon in the business world. Not only did Blatt helm three of the biggest names in the dating app industry, he also revolutionized the industry as well. The successful growth each company received in turn is a verifiable how-to lesson in success. It is one that many budding entrepreneurs are attempting to follow.

Early Career

Before he entered his historic 2009 to 2017 dating app era, he worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  Greg Blatt had achieved a bachelors degree in English Literature from Colgate University and later a Doctor of Law from Columbia Law School. His work with Martha Stewart Living eventually culminated in Blatt serving as the EVP for business affairs and general counsel. Before Martha Stewart Greg Blatt was a simple associate traveling between two law firms. In 2019 he became CEO of the first of his dating app trifecta.


Many attribute Blatt’s success to his background in law. For this reason, many young entrepreneurs look to a basic study of law as one of the cornerstones to a future career. As running a business goes hand in hand with law a general knowledge can be very helpful in making effective decisions. Greg Blatt’s success is also fueled by the amount of growth the companies under his stewardship achieved (SDUT).

Greg Blatt is known as a boundary pusher. He is all about achievement and going beyond expectations. The result of this has been growth. Implementing new memberships plans at Tinder increased its membership by a million. Match experienced unbelievable growth due to Blatt’s push for achievement. In his efforts to see how far a dating app could expand he helped Match’s memberships grow five-fold over an eight-year run.


A final point many can take away from Blatt’s career is the important of experience. Greg Blatt is an entrepreneur with a lot of experience. Experience garnered from helming three different companies. Experience earned from trying new things and pushing new boundaries. Experience is uniquely important for the things that work and the things that fail.

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