Susan McGalla and Her Attention to Marketing Detail

There are some women in the business world that just stand out more than others. In my opinion Susan McGalla is definitely one of those women. She currently works as a consultant for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In her role here she has a creative development position where she is in charge of business strategies. I believe that this is a role that suits her well because she has an extensive marketing background. One of the biggest things that she has done so far is redevelop the clothing line, and I think that this plays a large part in the way that fans support this football team.   Learn more about McGalla here.

Is evident that her creativity has been a very instrumental part in the success she has had in the corporate world.  Susan McGalla has a marketing degree, and she has a wealth of experience that is linked to years of strategic marketing for companies like Wet Seal and American Eagle. This is where she has developed her skills in helping companies build a huge fan base.

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Not all women are cut out for the type of work with that Susan has done, but I certainly believe that there are a lot of women that have a unique perspective to bring to the business world. Fellow business leaders like Kate Hudson of Fabletics have been able to really get a lot of interesting takes on fashion in the clothing industry.

I believe that Susan McGalla is someone that has this type of energy that demands attention.


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