Susan McGalla Empowering Women

Statistics have shown that businesses having employees and staff from both genders perform 15% better than those lacking both genders. Companies with ethnic diversity, on the other hand, perform 35% better than those who lack the diversity. Women after leadership positions should know that the fundamental component of success in the industry is leadership.

Most of the significant United States’ corporations as listed by Fortune 500 are observing both gender and ethnic diversity. Women in the world are working round the clock to attain the quality education and leadership positions in the companies. However, women in the companies are continually facing competition from their male counterparts. Women must, therefore, seek a different approach to dealing with the leadership issues to succeed in their activities.

Some women have taken some positive steps in helping their fellow women to grasp leadership positions in different organizations. One of them is Susan McGalla.

Through a wide range of tutorials and educative session, Susan McGalla has supported women into becoming leaders and reaching their goals as leaders in their organizations worldwide. She is an innovative leader that has led female business leaders to advance in their places of work.

Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman. She is also an apt executive consultant. She is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She had a successful career life. She started her career in Joseph Horne Company where she served on different levels in the marketing and managerial departments. She then joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for the company and later on became its President and Chief Merchandising Officer. Under her leadership, the American Eagle launched Aerie and 77kids brands. She resigned from the company.

Susan McGalla was born and raised in Ohio. She attended Mount Union College where she graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Business and Marketing. She serves on the Mount Union College Board of Advisors.

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