Tyson Foods Acquired by the OSI Group

A Tyson plant in Chicago struggles to keep the factory functioning and many are worried they may be looking for work, As the struggle looms over employees in late 2016, many are worried that Tyson is close to closing its doors. The CEO even reports publicly that the future is not promising for employees but then the OSI Group offered a buy out to save the plant and keep workers employed. Tyson, a well known meat manufacturing facility, was on the breast of losing 480 jobs due to a possible closure when OSI made the move to aquire the company.

Employees Are Not Worried About the Change

An exciting turn for employees close to losing their jobs whom were not only excited to be able to maintain their income, but to find the OSI Group has a very healthy reputation that centers their economic value on its employees. The OSI work force is a diverse sort and the company prides their employees as the heart and soul of the company.

Who is OSI?

With good home town values, OSI has been a moving force for over 100 years. Opening their first company in 1909 and growing to a global supplier in just those short 100 years. Their success is built with tried and true business practices proving it is not always about big business. Although, they are recognized in Forbes magazine as a 6.1 Billion dollar company within the food, drink and tobacco industry. Their healthy history has helped them grow over the years into a valued food processer with ready made products delivered directly to provider in over 17 countries. OSI has 65 facilities and their home base is in Aurora, Illinois.

What’s on the Menu?

Tasty ribbets, taquitos, panini, ice cream to fresh dough. Their vast menu encompasses ready to process meat choices to ready to serve entrees and desserts. OSI makes a claim they are a custom provider as well, so if you do not see it on the menu, just make the call, They not only create custom solutions from processing to kitchen, but take it all the way to the table.

As a global provider, OSI produces a very diverse group of products that covers the entire food prep and dining processes. High food grade standards and popular easy to make food choices, makes them a quick winner in the kitchen.