OSI Group buys out two major players in the food game

If you have ever been food shopping ,then you most likely have seen or heard of the major food company “Tyson”. More commonly known for their frozen chicken products and meals. OSI Group is an American owned company leading in product and food development worldwide. They have acquired Tyson food plant for a hefty $7.4 million dollars.

Tyson reported that they had begun shutting down its facilitates in November of this year pass. With hundreds of jobs at stake, and hundreds already lost due to downsizing, OSI Group not only bought and revived the once prosperous Tyson food plant in Chicago ,but it has also been reported by leaders at Tyson company that many (hundreds) of employees have been offered jobs with OSI Group, allowing them to stay employed at the local Chicago food plant.

And OSI Group hasn’t stopped there, they have also acquired another major food company by the name of “Baho Food”. Although not many details about the sale have been made public about the sale, there are reports that OSI Group plans on continuing employment for some of the major players at Baho Food’s. It is safe to assume they will also do the same for Baho foods other long time valuable employees.

Managing director John Balvers at Baho Food has stated that he and his team will work closely with OSI group executives to make new strategies and to ensure continued growth for the now two merged companies. The new addition to OSI Group will strengthen their position in the European food market, given that Baho food already has a strong presence in Europe.

OSI Group has a stake in about 17 countries with over 65 food facilities. They are highly focused on great quality foods that their customers can customize to their specific needs, among several other innovative grocery store product lines. Their goal is to deliver this value to anyone worldwide across the globe. With these two major merges behind them, it is very clear that OSI Group is carefully positioning itself to become the world leader in all things food.