Sheldon Lavin started small and is leading a crucial company in the food packaging processing industry

Sheldon Lavin is a businessman, philanthropist and the Chief Executive Officer of the leading meat manufacturing and packaging food service company OSI Group. The company has its operations based in the State of Illinois Aroura.

Sheldon Lavin’s history with the company is wholly an exciting one starting out as an ordinary person in the company and now owns the firm. Sheldon Lavin started working with OSI Group in the 1960s initially known as Otto & Sons company. The sole owners were Mr. Otto and his sons, and when Sheldon Lavin started participating actively in the operations of the company in the 1970s, it was the most significant supplier of hamburgers for McDonald’s.

However, because of the financial constraints the company was experiencing, it could not live up to deliver on the deal. Sheldon Lavin took over as the principal advisor for the company concerning financial matters. During this period when Sheldon took over, the company experienced exponential growth. Sheldon Lavin was the driving force behind the organization acquiring funds from credited financial institutions.

Sheldon Lavin was a very significant part of the company becoming a leading manufacturer and provider of food services. He helped expand the network for the company and build a more clientele network. Much of the credit goes to him for the company going from supplying their products just in Illinois to other regions such as Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Europe, North America and Australia. In 1975, Mr. Otto retired from business, and Sheldon Lavin partnered with the sons, and the name of the organization was changed to OSI Group. Eventually, Sheldon Lavin acquired the controlling interests of the firm and took charge of the company. He is indeed a unique force in the business of food and meat processing.

His approach to the operations of the company is designed to help the company deliver even in a complex chain of supply. A significant part of the success Sheldon Lavin has achieved is owed to the fact that he is a team player. Sheldon Lavin has seen to it that a collaborative work environment has been created and the company working towards a common goal. Sheldon Lavin is one who does not like to be blindsided, and he ensures that the operations of his company are up to date with the preferences of the consumers, changes in technology and trends in resources. In 2016, Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award because of his efforts in making OSI Group an international firm.