Guilherme Paulus Is a Revered Hotelier

Guilherme Paulus is one of the Brazilian investors who has succeeded greatly despite the tough economic conditions within the nation. He has invested greatly in the tourism and hospitality industries. Although the government taxes are high and there is a lot of bureaucracy within the nation, Paulus has sustained a positive mindset, and his business endeavors have also proved to be very profitable.

As an investor, Guilherme Paulus knows that his clients are the most important part of his businesses. He takes time to listen to each one of them. Paulus also goes a step further to seek advice from time to time. Since he grew up in Sao Paulo, he knows the region very well. As a result, the partnership between Carlos Vicente and Guilherme Paulus prospered since Sao Paulo harbored a lot of potential. Additionally, Paulus was knowledgeable about the basic aspects of the region such as the areas that have high traffic and such factors. As a result, Paulus made sure that they would rent a store at the exit of the cinema to make sure that the CVC Brasil Operadora would gain enough publicity.

Guilherme Paulus was then left to manage the business on his own four years later. His main agenda was to make sure that the business had gained enough publicity and that is why he rented more stores in some of the malls in Brazil. Such a strategy made sure that the company was widespread. Additionally, people could access the services offered by the tour company easily. Despite also selling 63% of the company, Paulus is still the largest shareholder with a 27% stake at CVC.

Since Guilherme Paulus had gained the financial might that would allow him to invest in other industries, he saw it fit to utilize $600 million to found GJP Hotels & Resorts. The firm has grown exceptionally since 2005. Recently, Paulus also said that he would launch a new hotel at the Avenida Cidade Jardim, a prominent shopping complex in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is also planning to develop a boutique hotel that will comprise of 65 apartments. The names of the hotels have not been announced yet. Additionally, GJP Hotels & Resorts is currently managing more than 12 hotels in Brazil.

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