Mike Nierenberg is Wondering if Thing Are Looking Expensive In Real Estate

One main key factor mortgage professionals such as Mike Nierenberg have to look out for in the housing market is that of interest rates in the market, the higher the interest rates on mortgages, the more interesting that the job of Mike Nierenberg and his team starts to get.

Mike Nierenberg and his team will look to see how the bidding wars in the residential real estate market progresses in the United States. They are looking at facts and information on the median home sales price, the home sales and dynamics by market area, in addition to where strong interest still seems to be relevant.

As Mike Nierenberg and his team continue to watch the situation that is present with the recent federal interest rate hikes, they are looking at how they will move forward and continue to secure the yields that they promise to their investors.

They look at different signs in the marketplace such as the decline in loan applications for home purchases, fixed mortgage rates going from the lows it was found at for some time to above 4.60 at the last check.

Mike Nierenberg does not necessarily need to say it but things in the housing market does seem to be expensive. Institutions such as JP Morgan seem to agree and have stated different similar comments in the recent months on this matter as well.

They strongly think that the price hike in the interest will be more of a deterrent to home purchases over the next year or so.

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