Isabel dos Santos Maintains Her Strong Reputation

Isabel dos Santos was able to make an urgent request to the public through Instagram to defend her reputation and name after a contract has been declared invalid during a settlement with the nation and this was decided by the of the President of Angola known as João Lourenço. The debate and discussion between Isabel dos Santos and Joao Lourenco continue. The Angolan Head of State was able to decline the contract that was linked to the Marginal da Corimba, the Angolan businesswoman was able to state her message on social media and posted it particularly on her account on Instagram where she ensured that no individual can get its reputation and good name. According to Isabel dos Santos, each and everyone in this world has the right to have a stable reputation and a good name. Leaders and business owners know the significance of having a clean name because it is how they are able to earn the loyalty and trust of the people. Having a strong foundation of trust is crucial when it comes to earning respect and showing others that you are capable of doing good.

Isabel dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen in Angola and she is held accountable for the economy of her country as well as the companies that she is in partnership with. She stated that she is responsible for all of her staff, employees, friends, and partners who are dependent on her and every single one who trusts in her decisions and actions on a daily basis. Millions of people trust Isabel dos Santos because of her strengths and character. She values integrity and she has always been devoted to the people of Angola and her responsibility to work and to act in a correct and legal way. She said that her reputation and name is something that no can ever take away. She chose her path, she willingly chose to handle the challenges on her own and to do her best on every project that she did for the industry, the people, and her love for the country.

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