Talk Fusion Keeps Getting Better

When something works, the adage warns not to fix it, but that is not the ethos behind Talk Fusion’s success. Since the company’s earliest days their focus has always been on introducing innovation to the marketplace. Recently Bob Reina, founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion announced an upgrade to the company’s Live Meeting teleconferencing software. The new application would incorporate WebRTC technology. Thus making it possible for up to 15 presenters and 500 attendees to participate in a live teleconference. WebRTC allows participants to connect quickly by way of the browser on their computer or mobile device, and without the need to download any plugins, as was formerly the case.


Some other features of this new system are that users can record the conferences directly using the application itself. Furthermore, both the voice and picture are enhanced. WebRTC is a more stable way of transmitting both video and audio. There is also a “waiting room” function, enabling presenters to prepare before their events without anyone being able to hear or see them. The implementation of WebRTC makes Talk Fusion the only company able to meet the requirements of an organization needing to broadcast effortlessly to hundreds of people at once.


Mr. Reina’s background was principally in law enforcement, but he has always been sharp. Bob Reina graduated first in his class at the Tampa Bay Police Academy and completed his degree in the field of criminology at the University of South Florida. While working on the police force, Bob Reina was involved with several network marketing opportunities, at which he did well enough to give up on his steady income as a police officer, and a promising career in law enforcement. In 2004 Bob Reina got the idea to place a video into one of his AOL emails. The folks at AOL told him that it would not be possible. Imagining the appeal of such a product, Bob Reina consulted with his friend and internet technology guru, Johnathan Chen. Chen helped him get it done. They called it Video E-mail, and in 2007 Talk Fusion came to be.


Today Talk Fusion has a sales network consisting of thousands of independent marketers in 140 countries around the globe. Bob Reina has enjoyed his success by sharing it. He is an animal rights advocate known to bring his dogs Shadow and Bindi to work with him every day. Mr. Reina has donated generously to the humane society of Tampa Bay, and today has a seat on its board of directors. In a case of leading by example, Mr. Reina has encouraged a spirit of philanthropy through the distribution network, making it possible for each marketer to donate the company’s software to one of their favorite charities free of charge. Learn more:



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