Talk Fusion’s New Dashboard Brings New Life

Founded by Bob Reina, its CEO, Talk Fusion is a network marketing company dedicated to bringing creative and innovative marketing solutions to the public. Being so, Talk Fusion, just in 2016 won not only the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, but also was the winner of the WebRTC Product of the Year Award. Focused on video marketing and providing an all in one video solution that can be used by any individual or business in any industry, Fusion talk has set itself apart from the competition.


Bob Reina was ecstatic to announce the new dashboard that works with Talk Fusion products, like its Video Suite because it is just a preview of what is to come from the marketing tech moguls. 2018 is going to be a busy and progressive year for Talk Fusion as they not only offer the number one marketing solutions but they also provide them at a price that will not break the bank. Bringing new life to businesses and the way people connect around the world, Talk Fusion’s products exceed value when it comes to their video conferencing and broadcasting.


Any business that uses video for their marketing, whether it be for text, email, social media, training, business intros or a variety of other reasons, Talk Fusion’s dashboard and video solutions will provide the tools needed for the smooth and definitive execution of any project. For instance, they offer a customizable experience with a variety of unique templates to use for videos, giving them just a little bit more of an edge compared to the competitors. Learn more:


Furthermore to keep the product customizable on different spectrums, their are different pricing packages to choose from, with the most affordable package being $175 and only $20 per month thereafter. This package is best suited for those that are making only short videos of 5 minutes or less and those that won’t need to store more than 1,000 emails at a time. On the other hand, for a larger scale business, longer 10 minute videos, more storage and even more customization is available for only $200 more, selling for only $375.

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