Talkspace Helping People Recover from Mental Illness

It is essential that people who are suffering from any kind of post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety disorders consult with the professional therapists. The issue with consulting with the therapist is that it is not a cup of tea for everyone due to the cost involved. For people who are looking to consult with the therapist, but cannot afford to spare such high cost, registering at Talkspace is definitely going to be a lifesaver. Talkspace connects the people who are suffering from any kind of mental health disorders with the therapists who are licensed and professionally trained to provide clinical assistance and counseling.

Talkspace was launched in the year 2012 and is a New York-based therapy company that has witnessed massive growth in the past few years. The revenue generated by the company has nearly doubled since the time it started and has crossed all the expected speculations for revenue generation. The convenience of using the Talkspace therapy app has become highly useful for people who are busy and doesn’t have time to visit the office of the therapist. Talkspace ensures that people who are looking for counseling are able to get the clinical therapy sessions with the professional therapists at Talkspace. It provides remote assistance to the people, and it is completely secure, safe, and private as well. Everything that is shared on the Talkspace platform is kept confidential always, and it is not shared by any third party who can misuse that information.

Therapists working with Talkspace enjoy the flexibility to work depending on the time they want. They also have more clients to work with allowing them to be of help to more people. Since Talkspace do not have a requirement of health insurance, therapists are able to provide their services to even those without any health insurance.

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