Talkspace Looks Into Why Therapists Sign Up For The Profession

Talkspace offers remote therapy for those who can’t make it to traditional therapy. It’s more convenient and cost effective. It is also just as secure as an office visit. All conversations are confidential.

Self-Care Then Client Care

For a Talkspace therapist, self-care comes first. They must be fully rested, eating right, full of energy, and have enjoyable downtime in order to recharge and be ready for their clients. After the therapists have taken care of themselves, they are ready to start their day. People take a career in therapy for several reasons, but the majority of them want to assist and offer some form of relief to others who are in need. From day to day, the therapists have no idea what level of trauma they will be facing, therefore Talkspace therapists have to be ready to take on anything at anytime. The stress can be high, but the results can be worth it.

Why Become A Therapist

There are several things that lure a person in the mental healthcare profession. Some people have the want to try to make the world better, and make life easier for others. Another group may have had their own experience and realized the value of having someone to talk to. Talkspace therapist Samantha White has that story. She says she learned about the profession when her world came crashing down and she needed support. Her personal experience caused her to want to help others in return. She remembers how critical the help was that she received.

Using Exposure To Encourage Others

Olympic Champion Michael Phelps has teamed up with Talkspace to attract more clients to get the help they need. Phelps shares his personal experience with anxiety and depression for a national TV campaign. His hope is that others will see his struggle and get encouraged. They want to remove the stigma that hangs over therapy. Phelps will stay on board with the company to continue to guide them with their mental health strategies. Mental health has been a topic of concern in the public over the past few years. The need for socialized healthcare, concerns for mass shootings, and the things that happen on social media have all been pointing towards mental health. Even though mental health is being discussed more often, there are still misconceptions and stigmas that keep people from seeking treatment. The main point Talkspace wants to get across is that depression can target anyone. Michael Phelps is an example of that. In 2014 he was one of the world’s greatest athletes and at that time he suffering inside.

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