Talkspace Millennials Generation Turning to Online Therapy Because of the Many Benefits it Offers

Finding a therapist in the city is much difficult today than it was a few years back. Millennials generation is finding it difficult to find time for therapy, and they do not want to spend their insurance on something such as therapy. Thus, people are looking for an easy way to get therapy but without the stress and expense that comes with traditional therapy sessions. It is the reason why Talkspace has become so popular in the past few years. The app that was launched in March 2012 allows people to speak to therapists quickly without having to make an appointment first. The users just have to enter some basic information to create an account, and they are good to go.

The best thing about online therapy is that they are available to people who have found it difficult in the past to get help. Even minorities and people of LGBT community are coming forward and registering with Talkspace. The reason for this is quite simple. It is because people are finding Talkspace accessible and easy to use. Also, many people want instant help, and it is not possible for them to wait for an appointment two days later. With Talkspace, they have access to a therapist right away with whom they can discuss their problems but without the fear of being judged. While many thought that online therapy wouldn’t be as effective as the traditional ones, the number of people seeking online therapy has only increased. It had allowed many people to get therapy that was hesitant to get it before online therapy came into being.

It has been seen that the millennial generation is finding it hard to cope with the current political situation in the country. Talkspace is seeing more subscription now than it did before Donald Trump became the President. The numbers are expected to rise in the coming days.

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