Tammy Mazzocco Defines Real Estate Marketing

Tammy Mazzocco has succeeded in real estate selling by simply observing and doing. She started out by working as a secretary for a commercial real estate firm, and then as a support person over the next ten years for other companies. After a time, she saw that the real opportunity was in the selling side of the business and 1999 she went over to selling as her career. More details can be found on Spokeo.


She began in 1999 with the RE/MAX group in Pickerington, Ohio, just Southwest of Columbus. Pickerington is a small town of just 20,000, but the four surrounding counties hold a population of about 2 million which provides plenty of people with whom to do business.


Tammy is passionate about her business, and she particularly enjoys the feeling when families find the home of their dreams, largely through her efforts. She gets to her office early each morning and clears her desk of busy work so she can get started calling prospects to set to show homes.


People don’t buy houses they don’t walk inside of. They have to see it to buy it, spend some time in it and then make a decision. How will the furniture look in here? What about a pool in the backyard? These are all statements and questions that when Tammy hears them, she knows that she are on the way to a sale.


In a report by Ideamensch, Tammy uses a piece of software called “Follow Up Boss” to keep her organized and to know at what stage each of her prospects is located at any given point in time. Some may be at the beginning of the pipeline and others may be just at the spot before closing, but she needs to know at all times what she is dealing with.


Working with people is what selling real estate is all about. Tammy takes very seriously her clients’ time and investment that they are about to make into their new home. She also knows that people can feel very vulnerable when they are working outside of their normal element and about to make the biggest investment of their lives. If she can listen, she will and if she can answer a question she will.


Tammy gives credit where credit is due because much of what she knows and uses in her business she learned from other people. Tammy is very happy with her business as it is today and she intends to continue for a very long time.



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