Ted Bauman’s Background

Ted Bauman is an economist by profession. Ted is one of the most celebrated Authors in Banyan Hill Publication. He has a readership subscription of over 100, 000 member which is the largest in the Banyan Hill publication. Ted has also grown his writing to incorporate the Alpha Stock Alert, weekly stock trading service and the Smart Money Service, EFT Trading Platform. Both of the services are grounded on algorithmic trading systems that Ted Bauman managed to introduce with the help of top Wall Street expert in this department. Ted is capable of creating a broader perspective that can be sued in marketing development as well as offer readers with outstanding views into what leads to profit as well as the threats that surrounds it.

The mechanisms that he employed towards becoming an outstanding financial writer were exceptional and unusual. One of the special aspects about Ted is that he is an economist by profession and he has never served in a commercial, finance industry nor has he been a specialist in investment, unlike his colleagues. Ted has served as a housing finance systems manager for many years. He dedicated his services towards Non-Government Organizations in big cities of the developing world across Africa, Asia as well as Latin America.

Ted Bauman always had great interest towards personal liberty in conjunction with safeguarding individual rights from big government and big businesses threats regardless of his background in the nonprofit department. During his service in the developing world, he attained firsthand experience on how the lives of people and prosperity were being halted from powers that were ruling them. This is the ultimate factor that triggered him towards joining Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman was born and raised up in Maryland, United States. His father, Bob Bauman serves as a state’s senator as well as the United States Congressman, was also an author in the Banyan Hill Publication. This was during Ted’s childhood. Ted was brought up in East Coast that was Maryland’s rural shore. This background aspect makes him feel like a country boy. Ted Bauman input in establishment of blockchain will have a long lasting impact.

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