The Controversial Dress


Towards the end of February, the internet was flooded with photos of a dress. The photo of the dress quickly spread all over the world. The photo showed a dress that was two colors, but was perceived to be different by different people. Some people saw it blue and black, while others saw it white and gold. Experts weighed in on what was occurring. It is not due to the cones in our eyes. Every person saw the dress a different color, because the light that enters the eye is interpreted by each person’s brain. This incident had everyone around the world given their opinion on how they saw the dress. Celebrities all reported viewing it differently. The manufacturer of the dress has said there is no white and gold dress.It is amazing and shocking how fast this photo spread through the internet said Haidar Barbouti. It took one person to post it and reach thousands with Instagram and Facebook. It is difficult to understand how the brain interprets the light. Depending on where the photo was seen, the dress could in fact look a different color. I, personally, saw the dress white and gold, only to later see it only black and blue.

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