The Impact of a CEO in a Company Inspired by the CEO of Securus Technologies: Rick Smith

There is nothing that boosts the performance of a company than an able CEO. It is the uniqueness of a chief executive officer that differentiates the company from the rest. A CEO must, therefore, be innovative and creative. Securus Technologies is among the companies that are reaping the benefits of great leadership.

Rick Smith, the CEO of the company, assumed office in 2008. Since then, the company has been experiencing positive changes. The building of the firm is tailored to fit the activities of Securus Technology. This is just one of the achievements that the company has experienced in his reign. Read more on

The correctional facilities are among the main beneficiaries. The convicts can now communicate with their relatives comfortably. The users say that Rick Smith Securus devices are very reliable. The rates are also affordable for all social classes.

Rick Smiths love for video has led him to invent video calls in prison. The CEO says that a visit is better when the two individuals can see each other. It brings a sense of togetherness.

The other technology that users have appreciated is the program that allows them to schedule jail visits in advance. They say that this has helped them save their time. They no longer have to wait in queues for hours.

Rick Smith has made all this changes possible because of his background. He began his career long before joining Securus. To begin with, Smith is very educated. This has enhanced his ability to evaluate his duties in the office. Read more on

Rick Smith has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in Maths and Engineering. Smith is also an MBA holder. Education is essential to every entrepreneur; it sets the pace of the investor.

The other factor that has enhanced the ability of Smith in handling his role is his experience. Before his nomination as the CEO of Securus Technologies, he worked in various firms. He also had a chance to work in different departments. Working in different units helped him understand the activities that go on in every office. This is critical because, without the cooperation of all departments, it is not possible to achieve success.

Rick Smith has a great reputation on the companies he has been working for before Securus. He always made a difference. Take Eschelon-Telkom Company, for instance, where he worked as their CEO. He improved the revenue of the company from $30 million to $350 million.

Securus Technologies is positive that they are going to experience the same revolution. So far there is progress, and everyone is confident that Rick Smith was the right candidate for the position.

Rick Smith is a futurist. He hopes that with time all the correctional services in the nation will have access to the devices of Securus Technologies.


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