The Innovative Drive at Securus Technologies.

Security in prison translates to security outside of prison. Security within and out of prisons is very critical for communities to flourish, develop, and rehabilitate. The prisons department is important to all Americans. However, the prisons department has always faced the huge task of keeping the most witty and technologically developed members of most societies (criminals) in check. In order to focus on rehabilitating these gifted but errant members of the community, most Canadian and American holding and correctional institutions have, for the better part of the recent past, relied on Securus Technologies to protect their cyber and mobile spaces. Securus Technologies have thus become indispensable security providers even though they cannot replace or play the role of prison security officials.

Securus Technologies is an information and communication company. It used to operate profitably outside the prisons market, but decided to focus on the prisons niche since the business is more fulfilling morally. The company provides all kinds of communication services within prisons. Such services include providing inmates with affordable calls outside the facilities, camera and audio monitoring within authorized parts of prisons, computer programing of cell and office doors, maintenance of databases, and securing of the mobile networks for control purposes within the cyberspace of the institutions served. Through its services, the company enhances the security of such institutions by cutting of any illegal and uncensored communication originating from within.

According to PR Newswire, the company is based in Texas and serves over 2,200 prison facilities in both America and Canada. The reports also state that the company has personnel of up to 1,000 employees. The company is well known for its major investments in making intellectual acquisitions and securing patents. Since its focus on the prisons market, Securus has spent over 600 million dollars on patents alone. The company aims at producing new cutting edge technology every week to keep its game ahead of that one played by ivy-league criminals in organized gangs and cartels. The company even enters partnerships with other highly innovative information and technology companies just to develop high-quality security products. One of the most recent and fruitful partnerships that Securus entered yielded the creation of the ’cell defender’’. The invention successfully blocks out any unregistered mobile devices in an institution from accessing mobile networks.


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