The Internet Loves The Outfit Of A South Korean Olympian

South Korean Yun Sung-Bin did not expect to become famous for what he was wearing at the Olympics. He hoped to be famous just for his performance at the Games. However, it is the outfit of this Skelton competitor that has the Internet abuzz says

When Sung-Bin took to the Olympic stage and did his runs in the Skelton competition, he was wearing a red athletic suit with a red helmet that had some gold on it as well. When the pictures of this were released, the Internet started to remark on how much he looked like Ironman in that suit. If you look at it from a certain perspective it does kind of make sense.

Those who are fans of Ironman are sure to like the fact that this has been able to creep into the culture of the Olympics this time around. It is something that is pretty interesting and funny all at the same time. We can all have a good chuckle at the fact that this turned out how it did. It is one of those nice things that does not have to be controversial or cause any outrage. We can all just have a laugh at the wardrobe choice of someone who clearly has amazing athletic talents and is of a high enough quality as a performer to even be considered Olympic material.

Look for the picture to show up on your news feed in the near future. People are sharing this one like crazy. They want to make sure that everyone knows that there was someone who looked like Ironman as he went through the Skelton routine. In all likelihood, the competitor himself did not even make the connection between his suit and the superhero Ironman.

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