The Millennial Slang Quiz That’s Going Viral

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s a great online quiz. Millennials are the individuals who were born in the late eighties and early nineties. Just like previous generations, they have a unique culture which includes slang.

BuzzFeed recently published a quiz that tested knowledge of millennial slang. The internet went crazy, with both millennials and non-millenials alike sharing their results.

Many millennials claimed that they didn’t know most of the words in the quiz. “I’m a millennial and I don’t know any of these!” one BuzzFeed reader commented. Others claimed that you didn’t have to be a millennial to understand their slang, with a user commenting that she was 63-years-old and scored a 90%.

The quiz lead to a lot of discussions on social media about the various words. Most users agreed that “ghosting,” which refers to when someone breaks up with someone by simply disappearing, is a pretty well-known term. However, others felt that words like “benching,” which is when a romantic partner is hard to get a hold of, weren’t as common.

“Half of these words I’ve never heard of and no one I know uses them,” commented one BuzzFeed fan.

While previous generations may have had some fairly consistent slang terms and phrases, it does seem as if millennials frequently switch up their lexicon. This can probably be attributed to the internet and the fact that all trends seem to come and go at a lighting pace. However, millennials might not have to worry about being the trendsetters for much longer. Those born in the late nineties and early aughts, known as “Generation Z,” are quickly growing up and become important in the world of culture, style and slang.

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