The New Mannequin Challenge

When it comes to funny internet videos there are always some viral videos that seem to make a splash from one week to the next. This is what the social media Arena has birthed.

There appears to be a growing number of these videos that are being done because people are impressed with how long people can stand still for things like the mannequin challenge. This one is something that became a big thing when the black Beatles song by Rae Sremmurd became popular.

There are so many people that have taken interest in doing the challenge that it has become seen at football and basketball games. It has been seen even on Sesame Street. There are all type of elaborate mannequin challenges out there, and these have made for some of the best funny viral videos in 2017 and 2018. More people are looking at the opportunities to be creative when it comes to doing this.

In the beginning it was just a setting and people were simply looking at the camera as they posed still while the camera slowly moves to another person. One of the latest viral videos that is a cheating mannequin challenge that has become very popular because it actually tells a story. There is a song in the background that is different from the “Black Beatles” song that has been featured in so many different viral mannequin challenge videos.

In this cheating mannequin challenge the song that is in the background is “Trapped in the Closet” by R Kelly. People that know of the song can already tell what the outcome of this challenge is going to be, but it is still fun to watch how this mannequin challenge unfolded. It has definitely become something that is getting a lot of talk around the social media circuit.

People have noticed that this is an easy way to get a viral video that leads to more followers in social media.

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