The Obituary Of Terry Wayne Ward Went Viral Due To Humor

Terry Wayne Ward was a Veteran who lived in DeMotte, Indiana. He passed, suddenly, of a stroke on Jan. 23 of this year. He wasn’t your average person, and he didn’t much follow the news or keep up with Hollywood. Jean Lahm, his daughter, wrote his obituary. Unlike most online tributes, his went viral very quickly. This man played by his own rules, and he is the classic case of someone who grew famous after their life was over.

He had three core beliefs in this life. First, he believed that the best movie ever made was “The Blues Brothers.” He didn’t keep up with the Kardashians and could have cared less how many kids BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z had. Second, he believed that hot sauce was a condiment that was made for any dish. Though you would never catch him eating hummus, he would love some hot sauce on bean dip. Third, he believed that in his youth, Clint Eastwood was the coolest man on the planet, next to him of course.

Those who knew him loved his philosophies on life, but what he left behind for his family was even funnier. He was always preparing for the apocalypse. When his daughter went through his possessions, she found 17 boxes of hamburger helper and an extensive collection of salad dressing, just to name a couple of items. He loved to stockpile.

Typically, the proceeded in death part of the obituary includes loved ones and perhaps special friends. However, this one included a price 1978 Rambler and one hip that he had replaced. Since this was how the obituary started, it’s no wonder that Americans wanted to meet a man who had so much knowledge and humor rolled into one package.

As a line repairman for the telephone company, it was okay if people thought he played for the NFL as a lineman instead of working on communication systems. He was married several times and had just one daughter. This Vietnam combat veteran was like Frank Sinatra and did things his way. Too bad the world didn’t find out about such a wonderful man until he was gone. He could have given some of the famous comedians a run for their money.

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