The surprising facts about Securus Technologies in Crime Prevention

Secures Technologies is a Texas-based US prison technology company that deals in criminal and civil justice, solutions on technology-based investigations as well as the inmates and public safety. It was established in 2014, and Its CEO is Richard (Rick) Smith.

There are many people that the company serves in the US.

This company helps the society not only in the investigations and physical safety but also in the provision of employment to the citizens of the US and Canada. It has served 2200 correction facilities, a population of more than 2.5 million people, and at the same time employs more than 1000 individuals.

What are the real services that the company has offered to consumers?

Every organization thrives from the services delivery review from the customers. Different consumers encourage the company to advance more on its services to them. The most outstanding ones are outlined in the release including the provision of clues on the criminal transaction conversed through calls. The deals that have been most common among the many cases that the company has helped in solving include corruption within corporations, illegal drug sales and even killings among other crimes.

Which software does Securus Technologies use to deliver most of its services?

Securus Technologies use some of the powerful technology software to provide confidential information about the calls that the inmates make. However, at times other companies also approach them for such services and they always deliver the best services. The company used LBS software to record such calls and store them for investigation purposes.

The guiding principles and ethics of Securus Technologies in crime prevention

This great company operates on the principles of confidentiality, transparency, and truthfulness. The company does not let its customers down. The Better Business Bureau in the US credits it here for their quality service and operational ethics.


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