The Trajectory Of OSI Food Solutions

The food industry is huge, demanding and very popular. There are a lot of components that must fall into place to become a successful food provider. This is where OSI Food Solutions come into the picture. This Illinois-based food provider is one of the biggest private companies in the United States.

OSI Food Solutions has re-shuffled the deck in its very own favor, and it has changed the game. Unlike other food providers, this particular food provider can handle every aspect of the business. This includes handling distribution, management, sourcing and development. In the past year alone, OSI has been able to partner with another food provider to create a world-class food solutions group. In addition to that, OSI won the Environmental Recognition Award from the North American Meat Institute.

Advanced technologies have helped OSI reach its current position. At OSI’s Spain location, its meat processing plant has more than doubled its production thanks to the use of high-capacity production lines. When it comes to chicken processing, OSI Food Solutions has gone from processing 12,000 tons of chicken to processing 24,000 tons of chicken. Of course, all of this success has come from a huge demand for chicken. This facility has more than 22,000 square-feet of space to work its magic. This space includes a facility supplies storage, shipping/receiving areas, a new production hall and a social area for the employees.

Where are some of the company’s physical locations? Well, OSI Food Solutions has state-of-the-art facilities in the countries of Spain, China, India, Japan, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. In total, this food juggernaut has advanced facilities in 17 countries.

OSI Food Solutions has also used acquisitions to its advantage. By participating in these business endeavors, the company has been able to expand into foreign markets. The future of this food provider looks very promising because its setting much better trends than any of its competitors.


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