The Viral Video of How Will Smith Became the Fresh Prince

Viral internet videos can give you a laugh when you are having a hard day. Most people that are looking for these types of funny videos online are trying to change their food for the day. Fortunately, Will Smith has become someone that helpst so many people that are trying to brighten their day by retailing parts of his life that are inspirational and funny.

There is a video that has gone viral of him talking about how he became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Many people look at the Grammys that he has won for his rap career and all of his roles as an actor that have received such wonderful accolades.

What many people may not know is that he was actually broke when he signed up for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This has become one of the most classic shows of in black sitcom television, but many people will have to admit that they were unfamiliar with the fact that Will Smith have fallen on hard times when he was working in this role as an actor.

He stated that the flop of his album is what caused him to consider this storyline about someone that had moved from a bad neighborhood to the luxury of Bel-Air. Benny Medina is someone that this story is based on. Most people do not know of Benny even though he has become a prolific producer that has work in the music scene with people like Mariah Carey.

Will Smith has done a great job of recreating the night that he met with Quincy Jones and auditioned to be the Fresh Prince in the home of Quincy Jones. It is a very interesting story that can also serve as motivation for those that may be down on their luck. Will Smith took a hard time that he was having in life and turned his entire career around. He would even go to regain his composure in the rap world.

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