Thoughtful Guy Sends Meme Care Package To His Friend

One of the most valuable things a person can obtain in life is having friends who go out of their way to make you laugh, and according to Twitter, the internet couldn’t agree more. After discovering his friend Jasmin didn’t have access to the internet, let alone her phone, 27-year-old Khaled Kharma, a photographer from New Jersey, decided to mail her a compilation of memes. Jasmin left for Texas to attend an Air Force boot camp where the only possible form of communication between the two were letters. Seeing as though she would be missing out on a lot in the meme world during her time away, Kharma initially planned to save the memes in his phone and show them to her when she returned from Texas. However, later on he decided to go the extra mile by printing them out and sending them to her in the mail. He emailed the memes to himself and compiled them into one document in order to avoid sending a bulky pakage, he even made the effort to print them out in color, which he was also praised for. Not only did he have hopes of making his friend laugh, but according to Kharma, “I can imagine it’ll make her laugh and probably the other girls she’s friends with if she can show them.” After tweeting about sending his special meme care package out, Kharma received an abundance of tweets commending him for being such a thoughtful friend, and alongside these compliments he’s also received a fair share of requests from people asking for their own meme care package. Since Kharma only recently sent out the memes, he hasn’t gotten a reply from Jasmin just yet, but surely it will warm her heart even more than it did for the people of Twitter.

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