Tide Partners with David Harbour and the Internet Loved It

The laundry detergent company Tide has had a bit of a problem recently that was out of their control. The infamous and dangerous Tide Pod challenge had people trying to eat what are non-consumable detergent pods. Tide wanted to present their company in a positive light and had a plan to accomplish this by working with actor David Harbour. David Harbour is one of the stars of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series Stranger Things.

Word began to spread quickly around social media about how hilarious and innovative Tide’s Super Bowl ad campaign truly was. The commercial spots began to air as a single ad in which the star plays the role of a father in a seemingly normal laundry detergent advertisement. The commercial took a strange turn as Harbour began to wonder what would happen if every advertisement was one for the Tide company?

As the Super Bowl progressed, viewers would see other ads with Harbour jumping in and announcing the now-famous catchphrase “it’s a Tide ad”! The advertisements were so well made that it was nearly impossible for viewers to begin distinguishing what was and wasn’t an advertisement for the Tide company.

Those who were watching the Super Bowl while skipping the commercials missed on many treats throughout the night. However, you’ll still be able to view these commercials as their popularity took off massively throughout the internet. One of Harbour’s clips on Tide’s official YouTube account has nearly 5 million views alone. In addition, there is a cut available that presents all of the ingenious ads into one single video that was also recently posted by Tide.

To summarize, one of the most recent funny and viral internet stories is all about David Harbour’s hilarious ads with the Tide company that aired during the Super Bowl. Fans of both Harbour and will be happy to know that Newsweek reports that the new season of Stranger Things will begin filming in Spring 2018.

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