Tips for Getting Famous on the Internet Using Comedy

If you think you’re a pretty funny person with a lot of interesting and fun ideas, you might want to consider setting up your own video channel and getting noticed by the world. One thing you need to realize is that internet fame does not come overnight. You shouldn’t expect to create a video and get a million views in just a few hours. Oftentimes, it takes months or even years to grow your following and earn the title of internet star. One of the best trends to get involved in is funny internet videos. People love watching funny videos because it gives them a way to get away from the seriousness of the world, and if you feel you’re able to deliver in terms of comedy, it might be time to start creating your own videos.


The first step to getting famous on the internet for your funny videos is to have a great idea that you feel other people will find hysterical. The idea needs to be different and totally unique so that people are more apt to visit your videos to watch them than anyone else with the same concept. You are also going to need to have your own video channel, which can be free depending on what site you’re choosing to use. You can update the channel as often as you’d like with brand new videos people can watch, like and comment on.


A good marketing technique when trying to get yourself known is to comment on other videos and ask people to go to your channel to watch your own. This can be done on videos that are similar to your own in nature, allowing people with the same tastes to find and watch the videos that you have published on the internet. It is often free and easy for you to make online videos and have them published in a matter of just a few minutes, so it just takes an idea and the willingness to get started.


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