Video Of Child Running With Knife Gets Laughs

A child running with a knife can be a potentially dangerous thing as all parents know. However, in the particular case that we are about to discuss, it also provided some laughs.

Chelsey Ryan who is twenty-two years old was hanging out with some friends on Labor Day weekend of this year. She was waiting for her turn to step up to the table and play some beer pong. While she was waiting, she saw her son running around and being particularly hyped up. She pulled out her phone as you do when you are twenty-two and see something potentially funny happening and began to film her son.

It was at this moment according to the Washington Post that the mother noticed her son was carrying something as he was running. She asked him what he was carrying, and the little boy joyfully yells back “a knife!” as he continues running with a smile on his face.

As soon as the mother hears the words, a friend who was also present at the party yells “no!” and begins to draw chase after him. However, the video is only four seconds long, so viewers are left wondering what happens next.

Fortunately, this story is all happy. No one was hurt as a result of this incident, but many have been provided with a little humor in their lives as a result. It is the type of video that just has all of the perfect elements and timing to get a big laugh out of almost anyone who watches it. In part this is probably because the scenario is so easy to relate to for a lot of us. Young children and elements of danger are two things that can in some cases go hand in hand.

Quick though this video may be, the humor of it is not lost on many. It is all the better to know that no one was hurt as a result of all of this, and that everyone can just smile at the funniness of it all.

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