Viral Ladder Challenge: A Recap

One of the big online challenges these days is the viral ladder challenge. Men are taking the ladders that lean against houses and trying to climb them before they fall. Of course, the ladders are not leaning against anything when the men try this challenge.

According to an article on the Daily Star website, people in the On the Tools Facebook group were commenting on a compilation video. Comments ranged from those supporting the fact that this is a “real challenge” to those that were worried about the safety of those trying the ladder challenge.

There are definitely dangers that come with trying the ladder challenge. One of the big ones is the danger that the person’s leg will get stuck before they get free of the ladder. This could easily damage to the leg as the person lands. The other major danger of this challenge is the possibility of the person hitting their head.

Despite any dangers that the ladder challenge faces, workmen all over the world are still accepting the challenge. The ladder challenge has gone viral as more workmen post videos on social media of themselves trying to climb to the top of the ladder before it falls. Of course, as more videos are posted, the challenge just becomes more popular.

Past viral challenges include the cinnamon challenge, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the hot pepper challenge, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The ladder challenge is not the only current viral challenge though. Current popular challenges? The invisible box challenge and the hard hat challenge. Online challenges have grown increasing popular within social media and shows no sign of stopping. Let’s hope that the reward for these challenges far out ways the risks in any new challenges.

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