Viral Videos that Turn Into Shows

Superman vs. Superman is a viral video that has grown with millions of viewers. People appear to be big fans of this funny series of videos that presents a black and Hispanic Superman. This is not an amateur video. To the contrary, this is more of a skit that is scripted. This is something people are entertained by, and that form of entertainment can work wonders when it comes to transitioning into some other form of entertainment. This is what happened when people started to look at the “Dear White People” videos.

There are a lot viral videos out there, but there honestly and truly are very few that have the ability to take off in the way that a viral video like “Dear White People” took off. There became a series of videos that stem from a book of the same name that was created. This book would turn into multiple videos. The videos would lead to a movie. The movie would lead to Neflix series. Few people may have assumed that the world of viral videos could lead to this type of success, but it did. It shows a lot of people that your creativity can be rewarded in a big way if you continue to build an audience.

It is this type demand for these videos that sparks a lot of people to do this. There are viral video comedians like Jasmine Luv that are known for funny videos. This is something that people are going to take a look at if these are high quality videos. These types of trends in funny videos have caused a lot of people to comb the Internet in service of the newest talents. It becomes easier to find talent when you have access to so many videos that have been referenced by friends. People that want to become entertainers can do it on their own with videos if it’s funny enough to go viral.

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