Visual Product Recognition Searching Connects Consumers

Have you ever seen something, and wondered where to get it? Product recognition is an important next step in technology development. It allows consumers to take a picture of something they like and find sellers who have that object or others similar to it. Gone are the days of frantically typing vague descriptions in a search engine while trying to characterize something you just saw. Just snap a photo, and search!

Now, when someone sees something they want, or meets someone who can’t remember where they got an item, a search engine with product recognition is the technological bridge. The user can simply say, “Do you mind if I take a picture? I have an app that can find it!” It’s as simple as taking pictures with your mobile device.

One of the leading companies innovating this exciting new technology is Slyce, the leading product recognition provider. Slyce offers companies the ability to integrate their search technology within their own apps or mobile websites, so users can access it on the go. The user can take a photo of something they want to find, and Slyce’s technology will bring up the opportunity to purchase that product if it finds a match.

What happens when a match isn’t found though? Slyce has a solution for that as well, by using smart detection to pick up on the features of the item that has been photographed, and give you a relevant list of similar matches. This is a huge benefit, because even if the match isn’t exact, the user might see something similar that is even more to their liking. Even more, Slyce can take a business customer’s public photos, and match their products with appropriate hashtags on social media, driving branding.

Whether from the ease of use from the perspective of a shopper, or from the multitude of ways product recognition software benefits businesses, the convenience of point and click shopping appeals to every demographic.

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