Was Taylor Swift Inside The Black Box?

A large black box was carried out of Taylor Swift’s apartment and people are losing their minds trying to figure out why. The box was carried out by two men and escorted by several security guards, leaving fans and locals to believe that Taylor Swift may actually be inside this box in order to leave her apartment without being seen. Although there is no proof that Taylor was for sure in the box, fans have compiled a list of reasons to make this accusation seem very plausible. Here is a list of reasons why people believe Taylor Swift was definitely in that box. (http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2017/07/18/why_it_s_totally_plausible_that_taylor_swift_hid_in_that_suitcase.html)

People have been doing their own investigations to see if this is actually possible and the result is very comical. Some have done extensive research on when and where this box has also been seen and whether or not Taylor Swift was present at that time. People have even gone as far as predicting the measurements of the box and seeing if a human being can fit in it if they fold themselves in the right position.

Apparently, Taylor has used multiple methods to avoid the paparazzi in the past, such as walking backward or sideways to avoid facing the camera. Fans believe that she is always trying new and improved methods to avoid paparazzi and say they would not be surprised if this “box theory” was a new attempt. So what do you think? Was Taylor Swift in the box? If not, then what do you think she does carry in there? With all of that security around it must be something very important, but for now, we will just have to wonder.

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