Ways To Stay Slim And Healthy While Eating Delicious Foods


Enriched white bread and pasta is not the healthiest food that you can consume. These grain products are also associated with weight gain. However, what if you really love your pasta and white bread? Do you have to give it up in order to lose weight? Will eating your favorite bowl of spaghetti and white French bread pack on the pounds?


Registered dieticians say that the answer to whether you will gain weight or not by consuming refined grains and bread depends on a number of factors. One of the key factors that determine whether you will gain weight or not by consuming such foods is mindfulness. This is when you are aware of how much pasta or white bread you are eating and when you are eating it.

Some dieticians believe you can eat almost anything as long as you are mindful when you consume it. One dietician says that utilizing portion management can help you control your weight and may even help you lose weight. Portion management is when you control your portion size. An example would be instead of pigging out on pasta, you would set aside a small bowl for your meal. Another example would be instead of having a foot-long sandwich with white bread you stick to a much smaller sized sandwich. All of this will help limit the number of calories you consume, which can help in losing weight.


If you must have pasta and just can’t stand whole grain spaghetti or noodles, then there are some tips you can utilize to help you lose weight. Combining refined carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta with good sources of protein and fat can help control your weight. When you combine white bread and pasta with a good source of protein you will slow the absorption of calories from the refined grains. The protein and fat will also help make you feel fuller so that you will have to consume less refined grains such as pasta and bread. An example of a good source of protein and fat would be fatty fish like salmon and meatballs.


You can limit the amount of food you consume with portion management and you can pair refined carbs with foods high in protein and fat to help you control and lose weight. Is there anything else you can do to make weight loss easier while still eating white bread and pasta? Having regular meals throughout the day can help you maintain a healthy weight even if you consume refined grain products. Binging on pasta and white bread in the middle of the night is a no-no and can contribute to weight gain.


Your diet is only one part of your overall health. It plays a critical role in your weight management, but it is not the only factor that impacts it. Getting enough sleep, having a regular sleep schedule, getting enough exercise and limiting stress can also impact your weight. If you don’t exercise you will be more likely to put on weight no matter what you consume. Stress and lack of sleep can also contribute to weight gain in some people.


If you have good health all around, then you should not be concerned too much with what you are eating. Being healthy should allow you to eat what you want in moderation so long as you take care of your entire health. So, the next time you are considering skipping the refined pasta or white bread, ask yourself are you healthy all around. You can consume it and still lose weight as long as you practice moderation and don’t skimp on other parts of your health and wellness.


An example of a great weight loss program that incorporates portion management is Nutrisystem. When you enroll in the Nutrisystem cost program you will be sent food that is already portioned to help you prevent overeating. Nutrisystem also utilizes the idea that you can eat whatever you want as long you eat in moderation. The idea behind Nutrisystem is that you eat the same foods that you normally do except you do it in portions. The food in Nutrisystem is also designed to have fewer calories and more fiber to help you feel full. This helps promote weight loss and stave of hunger.

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