Will Smith Gets Back to Comedy in Unique Way

Viral videos from amateurs can easily become something that can propel some people to stardom. Sometimes it will be a single viral video that goes out to millions of people, but no one may ever hear of this person again. There are others, however, that may become known for funny videos and they become famous as a result of this. This is one end of the viral video spectrum.

In more recent years there have been a variety of viral videos that have surfaced from people that are already famous. Will Smith is one such person. He has become someone that created a viral video that would change the way that people saw the critically acclaimed actor.

For years Will Smith has embraced serious roles in movies. He has made a big departure from comedy over the years because he was looking for a different range. Many people know him from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” fame that he acquired, but for decades people have been more accustomed to seeing Will Smith as a very serious actor.

Now it appears that Smith is getting back to his roots in comedy by creating viral videos that are very humorous. A lot of these stories are funny because only Will Smith has all of the pieces. These are stories that may have been overlooked by most of his peers, but he has been able to add an interesting twist on the stories and change the way that people look at some of the areas of his life.

When anybody watches episodes of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” it’s easy for them to think that Will Smith has always had success in life. The younger generation that only knows him for movies and this television show may assume that he has always had money in abundance. What Will Smith emphasizes in his road to becoming “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is that he was broke when the show started.

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