Will Smith Met Michael Jackson and the Meeting was Hilarious

As someone that wrote rhymes for a living as a rapper no one us surprised that Will Smith is a very talented storyteller. In fact, the comedy that he used to create some of his greatest rap hits is some of the same style of comedy that he is now using to create funny viral internet videos.

The great thing about Will Smith and his videos is that he uses illustrations and a lot of stories that no one else would know aside from Will Smith. In the case of his meeting with Michael Jackson he is the only one that can really tell this story because Michael Jackson is deceased.

With both of these artists being famous during these early years of Will’s career one would have thought that they would have met one another multiple times. Will Smith clears up the confusion and admits that he has only met Michael Jackson once in his life.

It is a very funny story for all of those that have never heard it. He is talking about the way that Michael Jackson was stuck in a closet with him as a lot of commotion erupted at an awards ceremony. It was for a BET show, and Suge Knight was there.

Will has a very funny way of telling the story about how he was stuck in a closet with Michael Jackson for his own safety during the time where everything erupted at this award show with Suge Knight.

The funny thing about this story is that Will Smith is selling it in a way the only Will Smith can. The video has gone viral because it is funny to watch real do a conversation between himself and Michael Jackson. In a point in the video he is impersonating Michael and using a very interesting impersonation where he talks about the questions that Jackson asked. He mentioned the various comic book questions that he was asked by Michael Jackson.

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